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Happened to me with with Walmart brand powdered sugar.  I blamed that and only use powdered sugar with the word "cane sugar" on the bag.
Not really weird...I had it happen before.  It wasn't Wilton brand though.  It was a while ago...but I believe I tossed it.
I'm such a knuckle through these posts and I was interpreting GSA as GFS.  GFS probably thought I was nuts when I called them!  Thanks.
Can anyone help me with a GFS catalog ID for Fondx? They can't seem to find it.
My nasty foot cake...fungus and all. 
I second brpboxshop and oasissupply.  Also...Sweet Pans Shoppe is close to the Rockford Airport...are you anywhere near there?  Small place....lots to chose from.
I also have a 5-qt and a 6-qt and I second that the 6-qt is really loud!  But I still love it.
Thanks Dani.  I hadn't thought of that. I can see it 
Yikes...I did that wrong.  The cake is posted in the new cake gallery and this is NOT my cake.  The customer sent it to's the link which is probably what I should have done in the first place...sorry.  Like I said...I'm just trying to get a grip on the tier sizes.
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