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I need a good non crusting cream cheese frosting for cupcakes... (red velvet and carrot) any good recipes?
Cool, Im just going to get 2 big bags then and do it that way
I love the dove idea. And the open bible. thank you!!
Is it possible to color my own standing sugar? Like if i put some in a baggie and add a little food coloring and mix it up very well? Has anyone done this?
Okay so I just got an order for pastor anniversary cupcakes. I have noo clue what to do. The girl just said she wanted them red velvet with cream cheese frosting and some type of design. I don't know what to put I'm not a religious type of person. The only thing that comes to mind is crosses.. maybe some flowers.. a dove or 2... any help would be great. Thanks.
Thank you for the link! And yea Im about to go stock up on black also
I want to get true black mmf but dont want to have to start off with a chocolate base. Any tips on getting really black mmf without the cocoa powder?
this helps soooo much
wow this helps alot!
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