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I do one layer 6 inch smash in buttercream only. 
Yes. That was my other idea (with the dummies) ill test out the roses with royal icing idea also! Thank you very much
Hey everyone. I have my first wedding cake order coming up and the customer is asking for a 4 tier wedding cake with the top and middle tiers covered in live roses. I dont want to just poke a bunch of holes into my precious cakes. How else can I get the whole cake covered without destroying the tiers? (I know the flowers need water picks first and are not supposed to go directly into a cake) She doesn't want the gumpaste roses because they are out of her budget. Also do...
Honestly it was a mistake (that could have EASILY been avoided if one of you were paying more attention) on the both of your behalfs. I would have refunded her at least half since you also should have checked location and it is half your fault. Or I would i wrapped and packed it the best I could charged her for overnight shipping and shipped it. 
Thank you!
Thank you :)
I had that fear too and hesitated for a bit but I just knew I'd be miserable if I sent out a cake that looked like that!
Lmao I could imagine! I confuse myself just when I write down simple directions.
Have you ever finished decorating a cake stepped back and decided, you did not like it? Maybe even hated it? Did you just leave it as is or did you tear the problem off and start all over again? I had this problem this weekend on a first birthday cake I did. I finished it, looked at it and decided I just did not like the way it came out. So with about 1.5 hours to spare before the customer was to come pick up his daughters cake I scrapped off all the frosting, made a new...
SOO your think its odd to get the amount of money you should be getting?
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