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hi, I like to use plastic wrap to trace my images on instead of wax paper. The transfer is much easier to get off of the plastic wrap. It does take a little time to stretch it out, but it's worth it.
Hi I have had trouble with wax paper and sticking too. Now I only use plastic wrap. It takes a little extra time to stretch it out, but you can see the image easier and it never sticks for me. Good Luck!
Wendysue, I use a crisco based icing. I usually ice the cake with my large icing tip, another favorite item. Then i use the comb, you to need to comb it right after icing the cake , cause when the icing crust it doesn't work . You can even make several designs using the comb. Thank You
Hi, I am not that great at smoothing icing either, I could try all day and never get it perfect. My favorite trick is to use a cake comb, its a 3 sided metal triangle with different sides on it. It works perfectly every time and still gives the cake a professional look. Hope this helps! Check out some of my cakes for the combing method.
My Favorite item that I can't live without is my metal cake comb! I use it on all my cakes ,it works wonderfully. I am not to great at smoothing out the icing and with the comb, i get a neat finish to the cake, without the hard work of smoothing.
Hi, I always use a storebrand icing like walmart's chocolate fudge, or duncan hines chocolate, then I just add my black coloring. It always seems to work great for me.
Thank you for the info, I will try the powdered sugar on my nest wedding cake next week! Thanks again!
Hello, I was wanting ideas on how to keep the icing from sticking to the seperator plates when lifting it off of a layer of a wedding cake. I have read to sprinkle powdered sugar on the icing before putting the plate down and also wondered if that worked. Thanks for all your help! Mandy
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