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If she is paying you money, I would say she is looking for a discounted item not a donation. To me a donation is no money. Just my thought.
Wedding is in June. But yes I will tell you how they are to work with.
Well I spoke to him today and he said he could special cut me a 9x12 support plate and cake plate and a 6x8 support and cake plate plus send me the 18" cake plate, 9 " cake plate and support , 7" cake plate and support and all support plates include dowels for 45.00. That's 9 pieces plus dowells and 2 are special cut sizes. I didn't think that was bad. But he also said since I am stacking my cakes I really don't need to get the cake plates that I could just use the cake...
Has anybody used the products from Cake Board I am curious because I have odd size layers and he says he can make the sizes I need for a small fee. I received a sample and it looks to be a very nice product. Thanks for any feedback or advise. 
1 box mix, 1/2 cup melted butter, 3 eggs, 1 cup whole milk, 1 tbsp vanilla, dump in bowl mix for 30 sec on low, scrap bowl, and then mix 2  to 3 more minutes on med, bake as described on box
Sorry I spelled calculator wrong in title. ooops, This is a great site with a sugarpaste calculator, a ribbon calculator, a cake sketcher, cake tier stacker, cake tier combonations. It is wonderful, fun and easy and best of all its free for you on your computer or you can buy the app for your phone. Just thought I would share my wonderful find.
Hi maisie73, I was going to ask her if she wanted something special written on the open book. But no I really don't have any ideas yet on what to write. The wedding is at the end of June so we still have lots of time to figure it out. I will post a pic of my finished cake. Thanks
Thank you! I was pretty close then. And thanks for the fondant amount too. I can never get it right. I am so excited about doing this! When I did my sketch I got out my cake pans and was stacking them to see how the sizes were going to work together. And I went and purchased an icing sheet to practice the roses. I think it is going to look great. I am also going to do a light brush gold on the book ends. Thanks again!
   Here is a sketch of the cake I will be doing for my cousins wedding. She is doing a book book theme. It is 4 tiers, not counting the open book. From bottom, 16", books-9x12", 9", 7" and then open book. And I can write something on the pages of the open book. The roses would be made out of icing sheets that I thought I could get printed like an old book page. She needs 200 servings. I figured this would serve 208. did  figure it right. And I am going to buy the fondant...
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