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Congratulations you two. I think the idea of using the chandalier will be awesome and beautiful. I am a newbie here but this is definately an addictive site. All the best for years to come!
You're cake sounds perfect! My son was in the Scouts but nothing that elabrate. Hope you can post a picture. I'd love to see that.
To Chilz, I think that is the cutest dog I have ever seen.
I agree with you Tina, Those cheap pans just don't do the trick like a better quality pan.
Thanks Moonliter, Great website. Didn't know about this one. This guy is good.
I've never frozen the cream cheese mints but I have made the mints out of candy wafers. They freeze very well and these are quick and very yummy too. Good Luck!
That's a great idea! Thanks for the info on the cream cheese fondant, will check it out.
I live in Georgia. I checked out Le Cordon Bleu for their Pastry Chef course. It was 20,564.00. The man I talk to said I would be done in a few months but a lot of the jobs I've seen around the area only pay about 10 bucks an hour to start. I don't know if it's the area or what but I thought you would make more than that. I made 12 an hour as a Bakery Manager for a grocery store chain. Also being unemployed at the moment did put a damper on the money part. I feel school...
Last time I made these mints, we used:1 2 lb. bag powdered sugar1 8 oz. pkg. cream cheese,room remp.1 tsp. peppermintComine sugar and cream cheese. Add peppermint.Roll into a small ball and roll into granular sugar and press into mold.No refrigeration was required unless extremely hot.They are delicious but time consuming. Works best if you can get friends and family to help.
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