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The best idea I ever got and still use is the Viva paper towel trick. You don't have to ice neatly, just slightly crust and smooth.
I found out if you're icing is to soft you're roses will definately droop. Just play with the consistency until you get it right. You're work is very nice.
Don't worry, I was a bakery manager for 10 years. My roses looked like cabbages when I started. The more you do, the better you will get. They usually don't require anything to fancy and remember the customers will love it. If they could do it at home they wouldn't order from the bakery. Now I have my own bakery.
Congrats! Love your set up. Lots of room. My SIL and I are almost ready to open our bakery. We had to buy everything. It's small but a start. We are in Georgia, first business venture for me. I am excited and nervous too. Just make sure you cross all the t's and dot the I's. We are finding out all sorts of things we have to do. I'd call the local county where you will be and ask them what you need and who to talk to. It seems from our experience, everybody has their own...
Also added 8 ounces of crushed pineapple to cake recipe. Tasted just like the Watergate Salad.
I made a cream cheese frosting and put pistachio pudding in it. I don't know why you couldn't use vanilla. In fact I have to make cupcakes for a b'day party Saturday and I am using buttercreme and putting my pistachio pudding in it. The other recipe was a little thinner but was extremely good. I put it over pistachio cake. Only brought home two pieces. It was the Watergate Cake II recipe from this site. Made cream cheese instead of icing that is posted with the cake...
Cake was amazing and so was the bride. Lots of happiness to you both.
Great pictures! I'm in the process now of trying to set up something with my SIL. This gives me a great idea of what we can use.
I too find scratch cakes drier than box cakes unfortunately. I hope someone has found the secret to moist scratch cakes. I love to make them from scratch and would also love to know how.
This question may have already been asked but, does anyone know the going rate for wedding cakes in Ga. I'm like everyone, don't want to overprice but not underprice either. Thanks.
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