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[quote="specialtycakecreations"]I am sorry. This is the cake I am talking about is the cake I guessed You were talking about. I have also dipped spaghetti in icing to coat it. A little hard to work with initially though.
Great ideas caymancakes.
I visualize 2 very different things as I read your description. Could you attach a picture of a cake that has the effect you want? Better yet, you could just PM the creator of a cake that has that effect.
Gumpaste rolls way thinner than fondant and dries much faster.
What kind of fondant are you making? I make MMF and it does not have to be refrigerated. (For long term storage of leftover fondant, you can freeze it.)If it is too powdery, then work in more shortening. Also, I always grease my hands and utensils with shortening when working with the fondant.If you want a really shiny finish, brush on pearl dust after you are done.
I was going to suggest pretty much the same thing as the last post. Disney babies (especially the princess dolls) are chubbier and have bigger the soother, rattle, etc. Do a chubbier 3-D shape and add baby accessories. Have fun!
That is a cute story! Hopefully he stays a creative romantic.
I did end up scuplting RKT into the kitten shape. Should have made the tail longer, the eyes smaller, and the ears taller...but it was okay for a kid's cake. You can find it in my pics.
I need to do a 3-D Kitten on a 12" Flower Petal Cake. Has anyone made a kitten out of Wilton's Stand-Up Bear Pan or Mini Stand-Up Bear Pan? I would love some tips and/or pics to help me. Anyone? (I don't have time to browse 12,000 pages of pics!). (I have a 3-D Tiger in my pics, but I wasn't happy with the shape.)
I have had problems with hot pink MMF tearing. However the purple MMF I made (same recipe) and covered a larger tier with, was fine. Is it something about the pink/red color, or just the fact that you need to add more color than with other shades?Working in extra shortening has proved to be a good solution for me. That and trimming fast so that you don't have too much weight pulling. I also keep my cake almost flat on the counter until I am doing the final stage of...
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