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I have been asked to make 6" and 8" cakes that are at least as tall as they are wide...up to 10" tall! I am a little concerned about stability. Has anyone done this? What tips can you give for avoiding disaster? (Normally my cakes are about 4" tall).
It would depend on whether there are other desserts being served. I find many of the serving guides to be a bit on the small side...if you are making this cake for someone else, then I would definitely include a cutting guide to make sure they can get the required number of pieces out of the cake. If it was the only dessert for a party I was having, I would probably up it to a 7" and 10"...but that is my opinion and I would rather err on the side of being generous.
For those who have made the giant cupcake (Wilton or other), what have you used to cover the base? I made a candy melt shell to cover the base, which looked great (nice crips lines, smooth exterior) but was terrible to cut. Has anyone tried using chocolate modelling clay for the base, or marshmallow fondant, or even candy melts with a litlle milk or cream added? I am working on a cake for a friend's surprise party right now, and I would experiment myself, but I have...
I am doing an allergy-friendly cake for a wedding in 2 weeks. I think I have the recipe question is with the design. They want simple buttercream with a black ribbon around the base. Sounds easy, but I have never used ribbon before. Any tips on using ribbon on buttercream? I am assuming you wash and iron the ribbon ahead of time to "sterilize it". How do you attach it? If you put it on too much in advance will the ribbon soak up the grease from the...
Thank-you all for your suggestions. I will have to watch for the cookbook, Jason...although it won't be out in time for this order
Recipes please! (I checked your profile and didn't see any.) I use a gluten-free blend as well, with guar gum...but have never used tofu in the cake.
I have had a request for a cake that is dairy-free, gluten-free and egg-free! I have accomodated all of those request before...but never all together. Does anyone have a tried-and-true recipe that would work? I have found that gluten-free cakes have a different texture, and very bumpy tops (which I cut off!). Any tips for making gluten-free work better?
Thanks. I figured it would be worth a try...but since I don't have a lot left, I didn't want to waste it.
Help...I need fondant loops for bows in less than 3 days. It is rather humid where I live, so I am concerned they may not dry in time. Does GumTex speed drying time? (If so, I will mix some in to my fondant). I know I could mix my fondant with gumpaste, but I find it harder to get intense colors in gumpaste.Any suggestions?
I did tons of research before buying a stand mixer...and for my rpice point, it came down to Cusinart or KA. (Look for my post on the topic and you will find lots of good info.) Cusinart has a much better warranty and a bigger motor, so I went with Cusinart. I got the 7 quart at a great price...but never got to use it as it was defective . Waited almost 6 months for the 7 quart to go on sale, but I never saw them that cheap again. So, I got the smaller version on a...
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