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PLEASE, PLEASE, HELP!!!   I know I posted something similar awhile back, but at that time I needed an allergy-friendly chocolate cake.  While my friend claimed it was the best chocolate cake she has ever had, I wasn't totally happy with it as it was a little too crumbly to ice and stack nicely.  Now another mutual friend with the same allergies is having a birthday - and doesn't like chocolate.  SO, I need a new recipe.  I have tried Gluten-free mixes and...
Coming up with fresh cake ideas for masculine cakes is always a challenge. Now to add to that challenge...I can't use anything except buttercream and piping gel. SO, does anybody have some masculine cake ideas that I can do on a slab cake with limited supplies and tools? Other than balloons, streamers and dots, I am drawing a blank. Pictures would be even better than verbal descriptions, but I welcome any help. A big THANK-YOU to anyone who takes the time to help!
Tha cake turned out well Most people don't realize how much work can go into making what LOOKS like a simple cake.
Thanks. I ended up going to the closest florist and purchasing some stem supports (basically large straws) since my straws were too small. I also bought a little Oasis half-sphere to poke the top flowers into. It was mounted on a plastic base, but I still used plastic wrap underneath to protect the cake. It worked out okay...but I do wish I had a few rosebuds and some greens to add in. I used what the bride ordered, so I guess she can't complain
Make sure you post a picture of your first wedding cake! You go girl
I am not sure how an online store that sells clothing and accessories is supposed to help, nkjfsdiu!RE: ORIGINAL POSTAs others have indirectly mentioned, your filling may have been too "runny". Your icing dam could also have been not stiff enough or not high enough. I am glad it seems to have worked the second time. Even if you don't "weigh" the cake down, I always use some pressure on top of the cake as I stack each layer to help it settle...and I never ice...
Thanks BBSMOM. I have had the same thoughts you did. Still wondering if anyone out there has any other solutions? The bride asked for the flowers cascading down the side of the cake...
The flowers for tomorrows wedding cake were just dropped of tonight, and they are not prepped in any way In the past, when I have used real flowers on a cake, they have come ready to set on top. This bride used a different florist and she just sent the flowers in a vase. I know roses are edible, so do I wrap the stem in plastic wrap, or try to find a large straw to put them in before putting them into the cake, or trim and insert as is...?
I end up with an ivory color when I use colored vanilla, and switch out half the shortening for butter (which is yellow). The icing tastes better, too.
Thanks for your replies. I had thought of a center dowel...but wasn't sure if that would be enough.
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