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Oh dear. Sounds a lot like the numpties calling me lately. Typically they send a photo of a three tier, gussied up monstrosity and when I ask them how many guests they need to serve with it, it's along the lines of 'ummmm, four adults and three kids'.I have been >this closeNice to see another Aussie on the boards!
I wonder if the OP opened her mall business in the end?
I actually do sort of itemise my quotes. The base price I work out myself taking into account all the ingredients, labour and overhead and numbers of servings required. That's a fixed number on the quote. The rest of it is itemised so they can see what every optional extra is costing them. Like toppers, bling, and highly detailed painted or piped effects. This works best for me as clients then get an appreciation for the way cost can build up for their 'champagne tastes'.
...And deliver it to your wedding venue as a licensed, insured vendor, on the right day and time, and not have it looked like a monkey made it
I sure hope he was just stirring, because otherwise he's just an idiot. Maybe answer him with "oh that IS the price if you're going to eat it, I charge more if people are buying my edible creations to only decorate their party room". Equally ludicrous statement.
I'd be writing a letter to those in charge and asking staff to distribute a copy of my letter to all concerned. This sucks big time, and its a suitable opportunity to educate people about IP and ethical business practices.
Something this big I would build on a custom cut cake cardboard (ie shaped like Minnie's head), with two skewers attached to the back. If it was smaller I'd make it from royal icing (bas relief method) but still use a backing card for insurance.
Yes, you can. And you'll find you will get a superior finish, because the egg whites are more liquid to start with, which is what you need for making macs.
Yes, have used it for non-edible cake toppers, and yes I agree do not let them touch the cake directly! Sculpey is a polymer clay that you bake to set, it does not dry out when your working with it.
Great work! I love seeing someone utilise an existing product with a new technique to make something altogether unique!
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