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I also like the clear bag idea. Can't use floral paper/tissue paper as it will be laying directly on the cake.
I'll give the rice paper a try!  Also, was just thinking if parchment paper would work?  What do you think?
I thought about the wafer paper, but I'm also worried about the cracking issue.   Especially after I try to put a bouquet of flowers on it.
I have a request for a cake for a retirement. They want a bouquet of gum paste flowers that the recipient can keep. Can anybody think of what I could use for the tissue paper that wraps around a bouquet you get from the florist? I would assume that floral paper, even the waxed kind, is not food grade. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
I've never used royal icing. I have made a phrase from royal icing that is going on the cake I am now working on. The letters are red. Here's my question...will the red run when I place the letters on the buttercream?  Thanks in advance. 
I found that. That's basically the instructions in how to use it from what i gather since its a Powerpoint file. I was actually trying to find the actual Excel program. Thanks for responding though. I appreciate it.
I have seen numerous references to pricing matrix links on here, but can't seem to find a link to any of them.  Can someone please shoot me in the right direction where I can download an Excel pricing matrix?  Thanks!
Has anyone ever tried using juice concentrate (thawed obviously) instead of milk/water in a buttercream icing? If so, how did it turn out? Thinking of making a buttercream icing recipe but using orange juice concentrate instead of milk/water. Anyone?
Never thought of that. I could actually use a piece of PVC pipe and do it like you do the little swirls. I will experiment with that and see what happens!!! THANKS!
I'm making a cake that is a replica of the Miami Dolphiins Sun Life Stadium. (Tried to attach photo, but that didn't work) Going up the side of the stadium, there is a spiral walkway. (If you'd like to look at it, just google Sun Life Stadium) I'm wondering if anyone has any idea how I can make the spirals that make up the ramps going into the stadium. I would like to use either chocolate or gum paste, but I have no clue on how to go about forming them. Wondering if...
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