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Sorry to hear about your situation, Pam. You have every right to br angry. I hope your neice knows what a great gift she is missing out on!
I sure don't know of any free ones. If you have Word, do you also have Powerpoint? I use the basic shapes (can and cube) tool in Powerpoint to layout my basic cake tier shapes.
Diane, you do have some beautiful cakes!Others have mentioned sheet cakes earlier in the thread. I don't allow others sheet cakes if I do the cake. I put it in my contract, because I don't want the public eating grocery store sheet cakes and thinking I did them.
When i first started, I tried to get signatures upon delivery, but like some of the others stated, sometimes I am the only one there. So I too take several pictures of the cake, even if it is just with my iPhone.
Diane, so you have x number of dummy cakes already made and the bride chooses from one of them? No customizations?In that scenario, I can see the savings for the bride. But as a cake decorator, I don't think I have ever made the exact same cake twice, so it's hard for me to fathom 2 brides finding the same cake perfect for her wedding.
I don't know about weeks of drying time, but I can tell you I added tylose powder to a small batch for a cake a couple of weeks ago and even 2 days later it still wasn't gumpaste hard.
At this point, you don't owe Bride A anything. If you don't think you can accept the extra cake on your calendar, then call her now and tell her that your calendar is now fully booked and cancel the tasting.I am like you, I only take 2 weddings/weekend. i tell all my customers in advance of this fact and that the first 2 couples to plunk down their deposit gets the slot.
Whne I was building the commercial kitchen on to my home, the health dept said my kitchen could have NO access from the home. The zoning board said it HAD to have a common door since it was a home-based business. That's when I started asking for everything in writing. Who won? Well, there is a door from my commercial kitchen to the house!
Put a thin coat of shortening on the fondant and then sprinkle with your glitter. You should get a nice even coverage. When I made ruby slippers that's how I did them.
I love my Magic Line pans, but I also use and like my Fat Daddios pans too.
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