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I only offer a free tasting if the cake is over 100 servings, anything less is $30, but that is applied to the order if you book.  I also limit the number of samples based on the number of servings they are planning on buying.  I have an online form that they have to fill out before we settle on a consultation and I use it to weed out customers that are a bad fit - whether that's a booked date or a budget that won't meet my minimum price.  Qualify those clients before they...
Unless you're milling your own flour, collecting your own eggs, and getting your milk straight from the cow - aren't all of your ingredients a "brand name" ingredient?
marshmallow is easy to make and piped on top of the glass would look very much like a head of beer.
Have you tried an Ateco tip 070?  Here's the frills I got with it...  
This, exactly.  And I don't like being uncut mind you, but if she gets a $50 sculpted dog cake, do you think she'll go back to that baker for future orders?  Probably not.
To those that don't get why the OP shouldn't just make a cake to match her deposit:   There is no mention here of a contract, but the OP did say she has a non-refundable deposit.  So that should be the end of the story.  But OK, it's not.  Cake business is generally weekend business, and try as we might, a small business can only make so many cakes  to be ready and fresh in a 2-day (usually 1 day) period of time.  So when the OP agreed to do the cake for the client, she...
Doesn't "patent pending" just mean that a patent application was submitted, not that someone will ever get one?  It reminds me of an arrogant guy I used to work with who closed all his e-mails with "John Doe, PhD Student".  I know he was just trying let everyone know he was working towards his goal, but couldn't a fourth-grader use the same closing and still be accurate?
Thanks for the link love, NerdyBaker!  A little salt will help cut that sweetness too, but my ABC icing is still the sweetest icing I use.  OP may want to try some meringue icings - Swiss, Italian French, etc.
Raspberry and lemon curd go very well together!  It's one of my most popular flavor combinations.
Looks really great!
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