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Can you have them printed on edible image sheets?
I did white stitching on black fondant when I dd my Chuck Taylor Converse cake.  I talk about the exact process I used on my blog:   But also, here's a picture of the results:     Hope that helps!!
I had an Epson once that would clog and band like crazy.  I would pour pure grain alcohol into the printer's jets (where the cartridges sit) and let it sit for a while and then use a small syringe (without the needle) to flush more PGA through the jets.  I also used the PGA on a cotton swab to clean the cartridges.  The very best thing I can recommend if you get t working correctly again is to print a test page through it at least once a week.  I have a Word document that...
If you have your own pillars, you can get the crystal beaded curtains from and make your own.  I glued them to the bottom of my separator plates for this display cake I did a while back:  
I have been beta testing an app called TieredCaker for the iPhone/iPad.  It allows you to enter your price per serving and lets you build a cake based on the number of servings you need.  It's not really a recipe coster, it's more of a quoting tool.  I have made several recommendations to the develeoper (whose wife is a baker) and they seem very determined to make it a great app.
Q: Where are you located?   A: Right now I run my bakery out of a rented, licensed kitchen facility.  I meet by appointment only and I would be happy to get together with you at Starbucks or (other places you might meet people) to design your cake.   The more confident you are in your answer, the less "eye sparkle" lost.
I only offer a free tasting if the cake is over 100 servings, anything less is $30, but that is applied to the order if you book.  I also limit the number of samples based on the number of servings they are planning on buying.  I have an online form that they have to fill out before we settle on a consultation and I use it to weed out customers that are a bad fit - whether that's a booked date or a budget that won't meet my minimum price.  Qualify those clients before they...
Unless you're milling your own flour, collecting your own eggs, and getting your milk straight from the cow - aren't all of your ingredients a "brand name" ingredient?
marshmallow is easy to make and piped on top of the glass would look very much like a head of beer.
Have you tried an Ateco tip 070?  Here's the frills I got with it...  
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