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Hi, I am not a baker by trade but I am the Office Manager in a retail custom real wood furniture store so I understand a little about target audiences & niche businesses. You might try buying a mailing list, usually for about $24 depending on the size of your mailing. You can go to sites like & specify income levels, homeowners vs renters, age groups, etc. to send your mailer to. You will then get a list that you can print onto mailing labels, attach those...
Just had to say, Thanks that was great! I guess my evil side came out b/c that actually made me laugh out loud!
Welcome to CC! if you go to the Forums there is MASSIVE information for beginners. Most people start w/ a class like Wilton's classes that are usually taugt at shops like Hobby Lobby & Michael's. If you can't find what you are looking for be specific & the lovely ladies & gentlemen on CC will be glad to offer advice & suggestions.Happy Caking!
Awesome inspiration! It's great to know that I do have a hope in hell of improving! I have noticed improvement w/ each cake but sometimes I think I will NEVER be on the same level as some of the others I see on here (present company included). Thank you for giving me a "thread" of hope. (Pun intended)
Wow!!! I am only a hobbyist and only do 1-2 cakes a month! I looked at your website & see why everyone loves your cakes! You do beautiful work! I hope you double that number in 2010!
Don't do it! If they want styrofoam let them go to the other bakeries. I am only a hobby baker but I usually tell my friends, "If it's not edible, I probably won't make it." I pride myself on being completely edible (except for structural issues) & I think that is what makes you stand out from the crowd. Don't conform! Just Say No!
My hubby won't even look at the bakery section anymore & absolutely refuses to even eat "store bought" cookies, much less cake! Cake Wrecks has given me a new prespective on the world of cake, too!
I am also in Florida (North FL) & can't seem to find anything I cam afford. I would be interested if you find anything.
I could not see which cake you were referring to. I am not a pro baker; however, I do deal with custom wood furniture in my day job. We always explain that we will get it AS CLOSE AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE but there will be variations b/c we are dealing with handcrafted items by local artisans. I believe that some CC's here have clauses in their contracts that state this more eloquently. I would definitely explain that it will not be identical & get her sign a clause to that...
Too funny! My DH also says "we." "We" have also started talking about starting a cake business together.My sweet DH also cleans up my messes! I love him more for that than coloring & rolling the fondant. It really is great to know that most of us have such super support from our roommates! Where would we be without them?!
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