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Some recipes call for a full tub of icing (storebought). For me, that is WAY too much, especially if you have a very moist cake. I usually only add one to two large spoonfuls, just enough to make everything hold together.
I have been tempted to try the Babycake Cake Pop baker, but withheld because of all the reviews. I was at Kohls today and saw the new model that rotates like a belgian waffle maker. It is supposed to improve the roundness of the pop.Maybe I didn't try the best batter for a first attempt. I make a brownie batter, and used my 1 tbsp scoop to fill the spots. (The new kit comes with a batter bottle, but I didn't want to use any of the accessories until I had tried the...
I use one scoop using my large Pampered Chef scooper.
WM Great Value took the trans fat out of their shortening. Aldi did too. I can still find 3% at my local Shop N Save.I love using this recipe. I have started only doing 4 cups/ 4 lbs in my 5qt KA. the full recipe was getting all mucked up at the top of the beater in the spring. I also just purchased a pouring shield. With a bit of plastic wrap to finish up the coverage, the mess factor was WAY less!
Just finished the two half sheets and center decorated 6-8 for church tomorrow. I took some "kitchen shots", but will try to get better pix tomorrow.
Artograph Designmaster is another projector that works very well.
I have the Artograph Design Master projector. Works the same, price may be a bit lower. showed some boxes for macaroons at a meeting this past weekend.
I have a heat sealer, but it does not vacuum. I got it from Triton Pakaging. so far I have only used the Wilton bags from M's, and they do great.
Thank You!!!! I am experimenting on techniques for my cookies!
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