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I am using duck eggs (which we have in abundance) when baking my cakes.  Have read that duck eggs are awesome when baking.  The duck eggs are about 2x as large as a large chicken egg.  My question is, would I be wise to measure my eggs in a measuring cup. I looked on line and found two different articles.  One says that 1/2 cup is supposed to equal 3 large eggs and the other says 3/4 cup is equal to 3 eggs.  Does anyone else measure their eggs and what amount do you use?
I have the mix and mixed according to directions on back of bag (1 c. mix to 1 T. hot water). The gumpaste seems too soft.  Is this the way it supposed to be?  I have let it rest over night and it is still very soft.
I have a kopy kake 300xk projector.  I pulled it out tonight to paint some designs that I am using on a wedding cake (in 2 days) and the bulb blew.  Where can I get a new bulb fast and does it have to be something special? Thanks, Sheila
I have the software and am trying to figure out a workaround to create a topsy turvy look.  Anyone ever find a solution and would care to share?   TIA
I do have the software and am enjoying using it.  I have a wedding cake coming up that is a topsy turvy using wedges.  Was wondering if anyone has found a work around to create this effect.  I know you can't tilt the cakes or the seperators.  TIA
Thanks!  I didn't know how to word it. :)
Does anyone know where to find files to cut out flower petals on a cricut cake?  I do have MTC, so can use that to make them compatible for the cricut.   TIA
It is an easle to hold your practice board (I think).
I know most people love their Agbay cake leveler, but have heard of a few (very few) who didn't.  For those who aren't in love with it, would you be willing to sell?  Thought I would ask before I order.  Please message me if you are interested.   Thanks, Sheila
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