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Thorough google searching is mostly bringing up yogurt or sour milk...however sour milk may not work with wasc...I think Ill have to reduce the water in the recipe, but not sure by how much. Well guys...maybe Ill just wing it and see what happens. I need to get back to it, so wish me luck.  :)
After using both I only use hi ratio now. It has a much cleaner taste and not as greasy mouth feel. You CAN use Crisco, the final outcome just isn't quite as nice. I think I've read before that people using hi-ratio will use less in their recipes, but I don't. I use the same as I would any other shortening and my icing turns out fine. I may be adding more water though because its thicker than crisco.
lol its prune flavored.
So, I forgot I was only making a single recipe for WASC. I'm so used to making two batches at a time that I went on autopilot and added 8 eggs instead of 4. So now I'm thinking I'll just double the recipe and have extra to take to work...which I'm cool with. I have everything on hand except sour cream. Anything I can use to replace that? Like maybe some butter or something? Coffee creamer (with actual cream and sugar)? Ideas?
That is exactly it! Thank you so much! I tried searching and just couldnt pull it up for some reason. Much appreciated!! <3
It's been sooo long since Ive been on this site! I stopped coming for a long time when that virus issue was happening. So I don't know if this thread is still around, but I was looking for that enormous thread that had the list of all the cake recipes and ideas that was started a few years ago. I can't imagine its gone. I think at one point someone may have put a file together of everything and kept the recipes updated, but I cant find any of that. I know that macsmom had...
YAY!!!! My failure helped someone! lol! Glad it worked for you, hon! I dont have problems anymore now either.
Please?????I posted this a few hours ago and Im making this cake right now. Will be ready for the labels shortly. No one has any advice? Im sure someone here has done this before.
Yes! You can. I do it all the time.You can make it in advance and maybe whip it halfway. Cover it REALLY well so it doesnt get that freezer taste...then take it out the night before you want to use it so it gets back to room temp by morning. Then finish whipping it.If you whip it all the way, you will probably have to whip it a bit again anyway once you defrost it. That is why I find it best to only whip it halfway if I plan on immediatly freezing the whole batch. Seems to...
Ive not tried that with a commercially prepared fondant, but I did mix michelle fosters fondant with mmf....and it was weird. Didnt combine like I thought it would. Make a fondant that was...well....I think it was doing weird things like cracking if I remember correctly. It was probably a year ago or more that I did that and havent done it since.
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