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Your boots turned out great, would you mind PM me the instructions as well? Much appreciated
I would appreciate the info as well. Thanks.
May I have the instructions as well?
Thanks ladies!
I would use fondant to cover the skull, it would adhere to the shape of the skull.
I have the same mold, and it surely is beautiful. I love making Springerle cookies, the designs are fantastic.
I would like to make an open book cake fora Baptism.  I did purchase the Wilton book pan, and looking at it, I dont think I could fill the cake with filling.  Then I see cakes that seem to have been sculpted to look like an open book, and these look as if they can be filled.  Can anyone point me to a tutorial on making these types of cakes, or offer any help?  I have never sculpted a cake before, but it dosent seem too difficult.
I have ordered from House on the Hill, and also Springerle Joy.  Both have excellent recipies and molds.  Just rolled out my second batch, the first I flavored vanilla, and this second batch I am using almond.  I don't think I would like the anise either.  In the vanilla batch, I also grated orange peel.  I think next time I need to add more vanilla.  I started out with 2 molds, and now I have 6 and 3 more on order.  Like most cake decorating toys, it becomes addictive! ...
Yes, thank you.
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