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I don't know if this is an option, but I have seen cakes put in boxes with dry ice in them so that the cakes stay cold. I would also travel unassembled, and I always have the repair kit with me, even I am just going around the block!
Checking out your gallery, I think you can make either one.
The non dairy Bavarian Cream from the sleeves are quite tasty.
I have had display dummies on display for over a year, they are covered in fondant, no problems.
Did you contact inspired by Michelle? I have see her video and it looks great, maybe she can give you some tips for this problem.
thank you AKS.
Which white chocolate is the best for making ganache? Any brand names work better than others? I know when making dark chocolate ganache a percent number is always recommended, is it the same for the white, and what percent do I use.Thanks for your help.
Thanks Jason_Kraft for posting the link!
Walk down the aisle with a cake from aisle 7 was the article in Wall Street Journal on 6/20/12. Did you all see it? Well, in short, all the supermarkets (Publix, Albertsons, Safeway, Supervalue) have "started to muscle their way into the fancy-fondant realm, adding new designs & flavors to woo brides who want a fancy cake" Albertsons has brought in a full-time wedding consultant to help couples. Publix in southern states advertises in bridal magazines and sets up...
Does anyone have a good site in which you can create a cake for a client to see. For example, choose round or square tiers, select colors, add borders, add flowers. I think there must be something out there. I just can't draw and I thought it would be helpful for a client to get somewhat of a picture of the finished cake.
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