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I would like to make an open book cake fora Baptism.  I did purchase the Wilton book pan, and looking at it, I dont think I could fill the cake with filling.  Then I see cakes that seem to have been sculpted to look like an open book, and these look as if they can be filled.  Can anyone point me to a tutorial on making these types of cakes, or offer any help?  I have never sculpted a cake before, but it dosent seem too difficult.
I have ordered from House on the Hill, and also Springerle Joy.  Both have excellent recipies and molds.  Just rolled out my second batch, the first I flavored vanilla, and this second batch I am using almond.  I don't think I would like the anise either.  In the vanilla batch, I also grated orange peel.  I think next time I need to add more vanilla.  I started out with 2 molds, and now I have 6 and 3 more on order.  Like most cake decorating toys, it becomes addictive! ...
Yes, thank you.
I use Royal Icing always, never have a problem.  They never become soggy, edible glue may not hold your pieces if they are on the heavier side.
don't like it, don't know where to start
Thank you gals for your reply.
I have a similar question,  I make fondant covered cookies,  should I cut them out, freeze unbaked, then bake frozen another day, then cover in fondant.  Want to do this on Monday=Tuesday and then bag them in cello bags and on Saturday serve them.  Will this work?
thanks leah, they have nice boxes at reasonable prices.
Do you mean the glam ribbons, if so check out Caljava.
I would just like to say, I hope your closing is of a happy nature, and not because of this economy of ours. Either way I know this is a difficult time for you and I wish you all the best.
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