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You better be making alot to justify the $$$$$. Do you have one? I was wondering what kind of cake they were using, all that rolling seems like you would end up with a bunch of crumbs.
If I cover a cake with dark chocolate ganache, will it show under white fondant?
Craft stores, such as Michaels, sell an inexpensive cutter just for styrofoam. I tried with a knife, and a lot of "crumbs"
Thanks for the info and speedy reply!
Normita, don't like your acyrlic stand you have, I was interested in buying one, would appreciate any comments concerning this before I buy one.
Can you tell me what the SPS system is?
buttercuppie, could you tell me more about Massey fondant, have not heard of it.
I use Satin Ice all the time, only use Wilton for dummy cakes (it's cheaper)I just made a cake and used Satin Ice Fondant, Vanilla Buttercrem, now that is delish!! Even better than the regular Satin Ice.
I think you are fine if they are in the refridge and not opened. I used them all the time in the same manner, no problems. As a matter of fact, where I buy them they keep them on a shelf not in the fridge.I guess when you think about it, don't we keep our jams and jelly the same way, and for the same length of time.
Good idea to mark the "out" side!
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