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Ordered mine Jan. 12, still have not received it. I called them and I guess they misplaced my order. So I wait again.....Maybe it would be better if I did not receive it! Sounds like that.
Thanks ladies, I'll give it a try.
Thank you for your reply, but I was more concerned with the frosting paired with the red velvet. I was looking for an alternative to cream cheese frosting (safety issue-no refrigeration for 4 hrs) I was hoping for a different flavor than just plain buttercream.
I have to make 50 cupcakes from red velvet and would like to frost with cream cheese frosting, but the cupcakes will be taken to another town (3-4 hrs. away) by car. Any other sugestions, other than the crusting buttercream frosting.
Another "Dummy" question, how do I keep them clean and from fading? I've made a few and they are losing their color, and they are not in direct sunlight. Should I have coated them with something? Also they pick up dust, which I dust with a soft brush, but it still adheres. Can I use some shortening to wipe them down?
For the dummies I make, I use the cheapest ready made fondant. Usually it's Wiltons brand. (purchased with their 40% coupon) Works great!
I've watched both videos, and was wondering which most people use. Sweetwise "rolls " their stripes into the white cake. Celebration Cakes "places" their stripes on to the cake. Which looks better.?
That sounds like that could happen, when I use parchment to roll cookies, that happens if not careful. But certainly worth a try. Thanks for the tip.
Whats the freezer paper trick?
It came today, but I won't peek! (it's killing me)
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