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 Keep in mind, when saturated with sprayed on color, they're more difficult to remove from the pan without breaking petal edges unless you've got time to wait for them to air dry for a couple/few more days.
Your lettering looks great!
I'm a huge fan of the quickest way -- I vote air-dried buttercream made at least 4 days in advance.
Here's a video how I make a pan of 48 roses in 5 minutes:(read the text below the video for more info)[term]=how%20to%20make%20buttercream%20roses%20on%20a%20stick&filters[primary]=videos&filters[secondary]=images&sort=1&o=0 I think even if you aren't fast at piping roses, it would probably be the most cost effective and quickest way with buttercream, rather than hand-formed petals. If...
The icing needs to be stiff for piping roses, especially if it gets too warm from hot hands.  If you're getting jagged edges, it's probably too dry and needs to be more creamy -- add more shortening. Are you piping them on a flathead rose nail or on a stick?  If using a stick, it's more common to get results of a rose that hasn't opened up yet (they look more like cabbages!) because the centers can collapse or close up more when they are removed from the stick.  You can...
It's all about pressure control and twisting your wrist--like this:   If you'd like fewer rows, try using tip #127D (giant rose/petal tip):   Good luck!
No, you're reading it wrong... I guess I should have used a comma after "Sotas" or used parentheses like this: "If you mean this: (not to be confused with this:, it's very intricate (preventing lines from touching) and somewhat time-consuming." If you omit the extra thought, it's one sentence -- exactly what I meant to say.  Does it make sense now?
If you mean this: not to be confused with this: it's very intricate (preventing lines from touching) and somewhat time-consuming.   Since the entire cake will be piped with that technique, and no other decorations are required, I'd consider offering it at no additional charge on only two of the four tiers.  I'd suggest they choose another design on every other tier, or they pay an...
You are welcome.   Glad you enjoyed the ruffle video!
It isn't necessary to freeze or put in an airtight container, you want them to air dry so you can pick them up easily to place them.   They'll remain soft enough to cut even after air drying for weeks.
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