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I recently bought the Wilton ones and liked it just fine for my "Sheppard Trucking" cake.  Sorry I don't know how to post the link but you can find it through my profile and photos.  It depends on the size of letters you are looking for.  I love my fmm cutters, especially the Funky ones which I used on the front of that same cake and many others.  I also have and use the script and block letters by the same company.  You do have to roll the fondant/gumpaste thin and I let...
That's fine.  I can get by with just one laser beam that we already had on hand and it just shines across the cake so that it doesn't leave any marks at all.  But if you need more lines (like a tablet paper) I can understand that purchasing several lasers could be expensive.  Just trying to help.
On crusted buttercream cakes I sometimes print the letters on the computer on card stock paper, prick the letters with a pin, place the paper on the cake and run over it with a fondant smoother, remove the paper and then follow the pricks with piping.  Otherwise, I use a laser beam level that I originally bought to help hang pictures straight.  You shine the beam across the cake and pipe the letters on the line.  I suppose you could use more than one if you needed more...
I enjoy the sugar clay gun and finally invested in the Agbay leveler.  I didn't have success with sugarveil though the DVD made it look so easy.  I also like to invest in DVDs to learn new techniques and now Cake Central is offering the Craftsy classes.  I enrolled in one but don't have a laptop computer so it's not as convenient for me to use as the DVDs that I can pop into  a player right in front of me and watch and do and rewind as many times as needed.
Maybe just do a simple design and write "Happy Birthday and Congratulations"
I want to make a round 6-inch pound cake decorated like a "M & M character" and have it stand up on a strawberry sheet cake that I'm making for my brother.  I would like the character to have slightly bent "knees" so I'm thinking I'll have to use wire.  I originally just wanted to cover a straw with flesh colored fondant for the arms and legs but there is no way to bend them if I do that.  I'm concerned about the weight of the cake being supported with just small wooden...
Thanks for the Wilton pattern locator suggestion.  I had looked at that sight and found a few possibilities but the link you gave offered more options.  Thanks for your time and effort to help.
Thanks for the reply.  I have actually done that already but haven't found what I'm looking for.  Just may have to trace my C impressions from Wilton and go from there.  I'm doing a band border on 5 tiers so the angles and heights need to be exact.  I'm  a very "detail" person.
I have the Wilton press with C scrolls  but would prefer something printed that I could prick and leave smaller markings; not interested in free-handing it.  Just want C and backwards C with 4 dots making a diamond in the middle.  Any computer programs or downloads that you all could recommend would be appreciated.  Thanks
I do know a lot about them as they have been with us for 15 years!  I just don't know what their original wedding cake looked like.  I thought about making a square tiered cake with the front looking like a wedding cake, two sides featuring each of them with their specific hobbies and interest and then maybe something having to do with the church on the backside.  Just wanted other ideas.  Thanks for your reply.
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