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Thought this rather apt for some to keep..  Bluehue   .
  But then on the other hand - what if you had a modern Bride who wanted Fondant? Would you turn that order away? Or if you had an order for a certain design - with a huge fondant bow....would you use it then? Just food for thought.....   I think the phrase *if your good at what you do - you dont have to offer it* is a long stretch. There are many famous cakers who offer both Buttercream and fondant.   Perhaps after you have tasted every Fondant there is to offer - you...
When you remove baking tray from the oven - place it on a cooling rack. The air will circulate and cool yor macarons down. When completely cold they will come off the baking paper just as easily as they did after popping them in the freezer... No, you don't need to add anything to the baking paper...   Did you pass your ground almonds through a fine sieve three times? If not - do so next time - this will get rid of any tiny bits of hull and make sure that all...
The cream wont go *nasty* because after bringing it to the boil - you have changed the structure of the cream - Thats one of the benifits of using ganache.... it is pefectly safe to sit out on your bench...   Bluehue
  I make my fillings the day before and keep in the fridg... But anything made with fresh cream will keep up to the date on the carton or bottle. Lolll - always look for cream with the longest expiry date when buying at the supermarket... Then pipe the fillings the day of the event they are to be served. If using fresh whipped cream - you keep filled macarons in a container in the fridg - until ready to serve. Hmmmm, they aren't going to be any more soggy that ones...
A dense cake is usually easier to cut = no crumbling. Another good thing about a Mud Cake, they are always moist. Bluehue
  Hi Gerle... no, its not a silly question I take my fondant over the edge of the cake board - then using a piece of accetate, trim the bottom edge neatly. There is no hard and set rule as to how to do it...i just prefer the edges to be covered - and then add my ribbon It jusst gives a nicer edge - imo.   It takes a ittle more time - but i think it is well worth that extra few minutes.   Bluehue
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