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I Goggled the Sugar Veil Home page for you   This link will show you all the vendors that you can source through - OR you could  email Sugar Veil direct as they do online shopping....     Bluehue
Lolllllll - partially inedible - Really?? I am thinking you don't work with many varieties of Fondant - yes?   People can peel it off  when it gets served to them - just like people who don't like the taste of Marzipan do when they are served Fruit Cake.   Bluehue
Angels Bakery... Here is a link for many topics relating to ganache on this forum.   The link put up by Danilou is superb for beginners....   Just to let you know - incase you weren't aware... There is also a *search* area at the top of the page (right hand corner) which enables you to type in what you are looking for.... That's how I came up with the link above for you. Sometimes depending on the time -...
If you would like a flavour to tie into the colour scheme you are going with... perhaps Blueberry or Blackberry or a mixture of both.......mixed berries. When mixed with BC or White Chocolate Ganache - they give a Lilac/purple hue. Just a thought.   Bluehue
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