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Hmmmm, sounds to me that a) your oven isn't hot enough or b) it hasn't been cooked long enough. What size cske and what temp are you cooking your Mud cakes @ almyra?   Welcome to CC
Excellent responses given by so many ... and great to see and read Heath's/CC admin asking and putting thoughts forward.   I for one just skipped over the *How much would you charge* questions after a while for the simple fact that i usually had to ask - *where in the world are you*? - as no mention was made re what town/State or Country they were in. By adding that *minor* detail would greatly help - plus, if i did ask *where are you*? it would take weeks before they...
Thanks sorry I got so upset it's just we tried everything from freezer to the wet towel   Oh dear - that wouldn't have helped her situation....... Kind if you to offer a refund considering it seems the customer was a bit lost with her raking skills... Bluehue
  So sad when you see a beautiful cake *plonked* on a bare cake board.
Have a jug of warm water and a clean cloth on hand - after every cut, dip your knife into the jug - then wipe dry - that way your knife will be clean for every slice. Another good point to remember - make sure the knife you are using has a blade that is as long as the cake is tall - i have seen people cut a tall cake with a short knife and after one slice there is cake all over the handle - irkkk. Bluehue  
Customer - *when you say you are busy - do you really mean it - or are you just saying that?* Me - *your precious and priceless.................and i am REALLY busy........... *
That's still cheap - no matter the size - let her find a cafe/restaurant that will feed 30 customers for 50.00 pound.... pfffttttt, not going to happen. Cheap cakes attract cheap customers -  don't go there - it won't be worth your time and effort.... just smile and wait for the next customer who wants a custom cake....   Bluehue
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