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Here you go - there are a few places on Google to choose from.... Who knew that Google might have the answer - lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll  ;)     Bluehue
We call it Perspex in Australia - and yes, it is food safe. The Bevelled edge  gives you the choice of either lightly removing excess ganache or alot. Plus by having a bevelled edge, you can tilt it to make thin impression lines in fondant or thicker horizontal lines....   Just like the clear perspex cake smoothers - one can always see what one is doing *through* the perspex... Just an individual choice.   Re the wear and tear - i have had clear perspex cake...
betwixt .................... what ever that means.... It should have read BETWEEN.... lolll
You could leave a slight gap betwixt where the rhinestones start and end so as they can slide the knife down within the gap.... As they usually cut/slice the back of the cake .....   Bluehue :)
You could try putting it in the fridge for about 45 minutes to see if that begins to firm it up....  If so, then you know it is ok to cover your cake....  Or you could melt some more chocolate and stir that through...  Did you use the same chocolate that you used other times? 
Hmmmm, sounds to me that a) your oven isn't hot enough or b) it hasn't been cooked long enough. What size cske and what temp are you cooking your Mud cakes @ almyra?   Welcome to CC
Excellent responses given by so many ... and great to see and read Heath's/CC admin asking and putting thoughts forward.   I for one just skipped over the *How much would you charge* questions after a while for the simple fact that i usually had to ask - *where in the world are you*? - as no mention was made re what town/State or Country they were in. By adding that *minor* detail would greatly help - plus, if i did ask *where are you*? it would take weeks before they...
Thanks sorry I got so upset it's just we tried everything from freezer to the wet towel   Oh dear - that wouldn't have helped her situation....... Kind if you to offer a refund considering it seems the customer was a bit lost with her raking skills... Bluehue
  So sad when you see a beautiful cake *plonked* on a bare cake board.
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