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Thank you both!! I do leave in the skewers, but will try making them longer nect time. I slso may try using a dummy top cake to stick them in. ☆☆
I love making the cake toppers for weddings, baby showers, etc for friends and family. The bride and grooms, princesses, etc. I put the skewers in for support, but they still tend to fall off the cakes tops. Any tips or ideas to keep them in place on the top of the cakes? The fondant figures can be a little heavy. Thanks
What if I just seal in bags and leave at room tem or in fridge? How long will they stay fresh? Or at least edible.
So a little confused. I CAN freeze the fondant covered cookies taste thr cellophane bags and they will still be good when thawed?
I was going to use Satin Ice. Isn't that the same a RBC?
Can you advise how the cookies come out after thawing?? I am getting conflicting info. Some say that the fondant will be sticky and ruined once you defrost the cookie. Others say they will be fine. Afraid to find out at the last minute. Thanks
Thanks for your help!!
I have an order for 200 fondant decorated sugar cookies. Researching the net I found that I can make cookies ahead and freeze undecorated or decorated. I now have 200 UNDECORATED sugar cookies in the freezer. When I thaw them and decorate with the fondant, CAN I RE FREEZE THEM till needed? Thanks for any advise you can give!!
I am a cake person, not a cookie person. LOL..But I agreed to make about 150 cookie favors for a party. Sugar cookies decorated with fondant and RI. The week of the party I also have 3 cakes to make so am wondering how soon in advance  can I make the cookies  before I decorate, and how long will they last after decorated? Thanks
Does anyone know how long a chocolate dipped cone will last and how to store before adding the ice cream? Want to put around the cake and need to make ahead. Thanks
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