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I have kept some wrapped for about a week before, thought they were a bit stale.  I would keep in airtight container in freezer.  I took to a friend's big freezer before I got my own.
Angel, I use RBC (Rolled Buttercream) on cookies all the time, but I use light corn syrup to adhere to the cookie.  I detail with RI, put in freezer, no problem
Custom Cookies it sounds like we do the same. Upside down in short glass with damp paper towel. I use the end of a spoon to stir if they separate. I have invested in several bottles and tips. Guess I won't fix what ain't broke . I'm a huge RBC user so I don't do a lot of flooding. But I try to use the large bottles for that. And yes if I use very thick RI I will try to use a bag. I will pass on one new trick I discovered. A nylon (piece of knee-high hose) between coupler...
Ok, so I tried bags today.  decided to stick to bottles.  I'm sure it's all in what you're used to.  Found it a pain to fill the bags, and keep them closed.  I know there are closer thingies, but glad I didn't invest in them.  Too much cutting tips off bags, needing a third hand or cup for filling bags, keeping up with them upside down in cup while decorating with several colors,etc.   I think it's harder on hands to squeeze the bottles, though.  But I can also keep icing...
I use bottles (the small ones that fit coupler and tips) exclusively, but have been watching some tutorials and notice these amazing cookiers use piping bags.  I use the bottle like an oversized pen, and wasn't sure if I could do the same with the bags.  Any thoughts?
I put the sticks on bags.  I just like my cookies in bags to stay fresh.  Here's an explaination with pictures within this thread, it's reply number 22 I think
here's the recipe I use it all the time.  It's easy, tastes great, and cuts out flooding and drying time.  Just put it on, and detail over it, outline around it, whatever, I even press designs into it. I keep a squeeze bottle with light corn syrup and those small tips that come with the squeeze bottles to use as my 'glue' What I do is, Using a shaker of powdered sugar (like you would flour in baking cookies) I roll the RBC out...
Thanks, great ideas
Have you worked with Rolled Buttercream?  It's awesome stuff.  Much like fondant, but tastes like buttercream you would use on cakes.  I use it all the time, rather than flooding with RI and you can detail immediately instead of waiting on flooded cookie to dry
I'm having a cookie booth at a local fair type event (to raise money for my daughter's mission trip).  I've done these for charity before, and have always had bagged cookies sitting on the table.  I need suggestions on a more creative, eye-catching way to display the cookies.  TIA!
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