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You're welcome, candmarie...I'm so glad it worked for you!   If you're's 2 really great threads (one has pics) about flavoring white ch. ganache...adding different oils and icing fruits, etc.
The Guittard's is 12oz also... Here's where I purchased them:   I'm not in a remote area, but the white ones are still really hard to find for some reason... Other people have complained about it in their areas too.       ...and thank you so much...your cakes are wonderful too!!'s not your fault...the way it's printed makes it EASY to misread....   Also, I've made my ganache recipe using Bakers before...same amounts I worked fine, just slightly yellower in color...   I've also tried the Guittard white chips...YUM...those were the best so far because they were less sweet. I would stick with them actually, but I can't find them locally... I bought 3 bags on-line once and w/ shipping I think it was 21 bucks or so...crazy,...
By the way... If this is the recipe you tried:   It's not 1.3 cups of white chocolate chips... it's 1. 3 cups of white chocoate chips 2. 1 cup of heavy cream 3. pinch of salt   Very confusing the way it's printed.
I understand...   The same ratio will work though...   It's a 3 to 1 for white 12oz choc. to 4oz (1/2c) of cream... Maybe you want to weigh it, to be more precise.   What kind of white choc. are you using...just curious?
I'll share what works for me, but let me warn you, it's not fancy or high-end.   12oz. bag of Nestle white chocolate morsels (which measures out to 2 cups of chips) + 1/2 cup of cream... It sets up to a peanut butter consistency.   I typically make a double batch for a cake project...I'm a hobbyist, I don't do huge wedding cakes.
Oh ok...   I would use 3 - 8" layers then...
It's under Misc. in the Gallery...   ...right beside the Cupcakes folder.
The Wilton sports ball pan is 6", so it's better to use 6' rounds below it...their soccer ball pan is 8".   When I made a helmet with the sports ball pan I used 3 - 6" layers below, but I don't think my layers were actually 2" high...
Not sure if you're willing to pay, but if so, there's an amazing tutorial that'll surely help you...the balloon & basket are both cake:   It's really, really, well of my favorite tutes ever, and only 8 (US) bucks!!
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