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I'm pretty sure that's not from a Craftsy class, I bet it was featured on their blog...   They've done many posts (some written by well known cakers...Lesley Wright - Royal Bakery, for one) that are just a round-up of cakes made by different people but fit the particular theme for that post...     Edited: it is:
How big is it going to be...will it be right on a cake or a plaque?
That looks like a Faye Cahill cake... Here's a blog post by someone who took her class...she describes the lustering process:   Sharon Wee also lusters some of her's her reply to someone asking about it:
Here's an old thread about chalks...   Excellent info and even a photo of the brand to buy:
Here's an exceptional tutorial at a VERY reasonable price:   (Click Royal Bakery Tutorials)   I have it and LOVE it.   Here's another's for a dress shirt, but you may find the way they pieced the cake together helpful...I'm not sure:   (you have to click several pics before to see, there's...
Very, very nice...   I agree about the borders... A buttercream cake can look great with a fondant border (colored fondant balls, for instance), but I don't think it works well the other way around...a fondant cake with a buttercream border.   Also, is that disco dust on the bottom tier?
You've gotten such great advice already, but here's a tutorial for the zebra stripes because (to me personally) that's what's most wrong with the first cake...
You can click the FB link below any of my posts, but people are way too kind...I promise you, I ain't nothin' special... I see so much better stuff...daily!!   I haven't heard of anyone using a watered down fondant mixture for smoothing, only as glue.   I wouldn't use a marker unless the fondant surface was very dry...I find they don't work as well. I would go with paint, or I'd roll black fondant paper thin and cut out the spots and just place them on the dog..if...
Ohhh...ok...   I do a practice run for every single thing I model since I have zero prior experience with sculpting. It does get easier...   I wanted to mention also...if you microwave your fondant/gumpaste slightly (less than 10 seconds), then roll it firmly into a ball shape, then model whatever shape you're doing from there, you'll eliminate the cracks.
I'm not sure why you made his head hollow??   You could've made it by starting with a smooth ball shape, placing it in your palms, and rolling it to elongate...almost like a sausage, if you're trying to replicate the salt shaker, I mean.
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