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No, I've never seen it done with fondant under the panels...and you'll definitely need to use a mixture of fondant/gumpaste or tylose if you want firm wood-like boards...   Here's a cool tutorial that was recently posted:
I LOVE my agbay, but I have the large one and as a hobbyist if the smaller one had been available at the time I purchased, I would've gotten's much better suited to the size cakes I make.   ...and if these were available, I would've tried them first:
I think cutters for all the characters you're interested in making is a great idea! That would definitely work.
Do you mean for little 3D figures or 2D flat toppers?
Well my stupid Wal-Mart does NOT carry the Guittard whites fact, they didn't have any Guittard's at all!
For a "bowl of spaghetti" cake, you should cover the bowl/cake in fondant, NOT gumpaste, so you can cut through it easily to serve.   Here's a great's not a bowl, it's a pot, but you can still get an idea of how to do it:
No problem   Yeah...all I've ever used was MMF + tylose myself, but I have to admit, I like not having to add tylose to the Wilton's.
I started experimenting with Wilton brand fondant (for figures and things only) because it's what Lesley Wright (The Royal Bakery) uses and if you see her stuff...well, you'll know why I was willing to try it...   (she doesn't even add tylose, by the way)   I love it...and it's definitely dry after 3 days. I haven't specifically made a number though.
You did!! Alright! I'm going to definitely check mine...maybe now they're carrying them!  They only had the semi-sweet, milk and I think mint chips when I looked last...awhile ago...and the smaller supermarkets I normally shop for food at still aren't carrying them, I know that, but maybe Wal-Mart is now...Oh I hope so!   Thanks very much!
Wow...that looks great!!
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