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I haven't had much success using Wilton's myself, and there's actually entire threads here where people are discussing how bad they are for cake pops...but if you don't have time to order better melts on-line, then you can also try double-dipping your would have to get your chocolate pretty smooth first, using Crisco as Merlex stated.   By the way... The best ones I've ever used are these:...
Thank you and your changes look wonderful!!
I had to google what a groundhog actually looks like...   I Love yours, he's so cute...the only thing I would change are the ears...seriously, the rest is perfect. See this guy (who looks like a conceited NY city rat to me):   His ears are kinda sideways and lower than yours...
Here's my absolute favorite vanilla bc's from Jessicakes (Jessica Harris)...   1 lb unsalted butter at room temp - whip for 10 min on high 1 - 7oz jar of marshmallow cream - whip until incorporated 1 lb powdered sugar - whip on high for 5 min 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream (add a tbsp at a time until right consistency) - whip on high for 5 minutes 3 Tbsp vanilla - whip until...
Here's a great 3-part video tutorial:   I wouldn't necessarily do everything this seller does, but I would definitely anchor the topper to a 1/2" foam square (she discusses it around the 8-minute mark)...   I think that idea is brilliant for shipping.
Disregard.....   I thought you were asking about a football.   I apologize.
Here's her blog...lots of amazing work:   Here's the post about this cake...if you enlarge the 5th photo, you can see the ends of the fondant ropes:
I just thought it didn't flow as well as "Juniper" did on its own... If it was "The Elm Tree Cakehouse", it would need the word Tree... Juniper doesn' my opinion.   ...and even if someone wasn't sure what a Juniper was, there's no mistaking Cakehouse or Cakery, which is what's most important.
I don't like any with the word Tree in it...and I don't really like the word Cakery in general...   "The Juniper Cakehouse" would be my choice.
Hi...we're happy to have you...   Your cakes are wonderful and I LOVE your handpainted cups &!
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