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No problem
The waves in your photo look peeled back, but here's a great tutorial that should help :
You're welcome...   (and Thanks!)
When I made one ages ago I pressed a real (brand new out of the package) zipper into a piece of fondant then trimmed around can see it here:   To get an even more realistic one now, I would make a mold...I wouldn't spend money on mold-making materials either, I would use gumpaste or fondant + tylose and press a zipper into it, let it dry...
Your second post link leads to a page with many cake photos...which cake specifically are you referring to? I thought it was the yellow ombre one??
The close-up of the cake you posted shows that the ruffles are not frilled much and the strips don't appear uniform in size, but these tutorials should still help...
Here's the best recipe I've ever tried...admittedly I haven't tried many, and I've only made this one twice and both times I used Nestle white morsels, but it's still the best:   The first time I thought they were near perfect, just a little too sweet (I know the white chips didn't help).   The next time I cut back the sugar and it did the trick, but I can't find the paper I wrote the notes...
LOL...   I know it's so much information being thrown at you...I wouldn't have even brought up the extract since it has nothing to do with your cake, but you mentioned that you were told to use vodka, and I hadn't heard of it being used for gluing, only painting.
Just to clarify...I use orange extract to make paint...I mix it (instead of vodka) with silver luster dust for example till it's a nice painting consistency. I've never used it to adhere decorations.
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