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 When my niece was three, she ate an intricate and really pretty "sebastian the crab" figure that my husband had made for her "under the sea" cake. He had left it on the table to dry. All that was left were a couple of claws. It looked like a bird had swooped in and carried him off! When we asked why she had eaten the figure, her reply was, "because he was delicious. " LOL Anyone will eat anything it seems. 
You're welcome, I should add that your customers rely on you, as the expert, to tell them how much a given cake will serve. Selling them a "10 inch cake" for example, may or or may not meet their needs. I always quote servings to customers when figuring that out. So servings are important, in that way. 
 This is important, IMO. You've got to figure out what your real costs are. If they are too high to pass onto your customer, then it may be time to rethink your processes. For me, I NEED to have multiple cakes ordered each week in order to make my time work most efficiently. It takes me just slightly longer to bake 8 dozen cupcakes than it does 4 dozen, so I make more money per hour the more cupcakes I have to make, does that make sense? I mostly make birthday/celebrations...
it's simply the industry standard, probably due to catering services also charging per serving.    You can charge however you feel comfortable.   For basic cakes I have a standard base rate per cake and add on costs depending on how elaborate the cake is. When it comes to tiered cakes I have a base rate of 4.5 per serving since it immediately requires more work, equipment and expertise to stack a cake.    I don't go into an explanation of party vs wedding serving. a...
That's a version of a  "cherry blossom cake" and there are many many tutorials online.   Do a search and decide which one is right for you.  There is even a tutorial on CC for a handpainted cherry blossom cake. 
I fixed it and it's no prize, but they had the cake on a warm porch so it will probably fall apart before they eat it anyway!
Im having a horrible night! I was determined to make this cake carefully and up to my expectations. I've bed. Working for hours and I had so many problems with the middle tier! I can't see because I broke two pairs of glasses! I have to refrost the middle tier, but I finally get it right! I start to put the buttercream glue on for the top tier and a blob of purple plops down on the lower tiers. I fix it. I lose my pretty front and get ready to put the top tier on. Lift...
  she cuts them herself
 Those dreaded bathroom decorators ruined it for everyone!  Someone mentioned midnight fridge clean outs! I can identify! MY fridge was ready for cake and someone put a CASE of tomatoes from Costco in there. But not in the box, tucked in to all the nooks and crannies. Tomatoes everywhere and not a bloody mary in sight!
i just got another call for a "simple two tiered cake" for tomorrow! people, please! respect the cake!
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