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Buddy has admitted that some of the most dramatic moments on the show were completely fabricated. Remember the cake being dumped down the stairs and the bride who came in a ruined a cake?
Apparently, the market where I live is a lucky one, because there are a number of bakeries in the area charging more than I do, and I am quite satisfied with my prices right now.    I live in a community of "competitive parents" and the majority of my work includes birthday and celebration cakes. I think that one thing the Duffs and Buddies have brought to the fore is a desire to have a custom cake, where that wasn't common when I was a kid. You got a cake with roses on...
looks like a regular 10/8/6 x 4 to me. 
last time i did it, I used this, except, instead of finishing with fondant, i put the spots right onto buttercream.
you could use chocolate melts like the Riviera Bakehouse does.    tutorial
FYI, OP, IMBC and SMBC work just fine with rosettes. It's all I use and i've made a ton of those.  jen
i was just about to post this article!     wonder about their biz plan?
in a pinch you could use a round cutter to make the football shapes and assemble it that way. 
Hang in there, Nancy. You will figure it out.    You could always sue the bakery that asked you your age! :DD   jen
We have a few businesses and our policy covers any driving related to the biz. However, for my home daycare we have a separate policy, which I found online, because no one local knew how to cover me. 
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