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Has anyone tried any of the 20 new items yet? I received an e-mail from Wilton today and was I surprised with the new items that are coming out. If this info has been posted, sorry! I searched the forum and didn't find anything! TIA
Just a bit of info: when using this type of cake stands, make sure that with the poles that are 15" or 20" place only 5" to 6" size cakes to prevent tipping over. Also, these cakes should not be taller than 4 inches high, better yet 3".
I think that stand is called Crystal Splendor from Wedding I have a set. HTH
Try using americolor black in any of your chocolate BC frosting. At first it looks dark grey. Then cover your bowl with a lid, as it sets it turns black. I just made a cake with black BC frosting this weekend. It does seem weird eating black frosting, but darn, it sure tasted good. Best Wishes!
Can piping gel be used? Recently I have been heating it in the microwave for about 10 to 20 seconds to thin down piping gel and when it cools down it hardens. I use this for my cake pop flowers made with fondant. HTH
When I make my rose or rosebud cake pops, I use an egg or oval shape cookie cutter. I bake my cake pops instead of mixing the cake and frosting method. After baking and cooling my cake pops, I dip my lollipop sticks in either melted candy melts or white chocolate chips, then I stick the lollipop stick in the rounded bottom part. My cake pops sometimes have pointy tops, this works great for making this. Next, chill them to have the the cake pops glued to the lollipop...
Welcome to making cakes and gumpaste/ fondant flowers. I love making roses! Just some suggestions. I usually make my roses on wooden skewers. Spaghetti noodles break so easily. You may also use straw like pasta, this may cut down in breaking. As for gluing the roses to your cake, piping gel is great. Also piping a circle of Buttercream frosting or royal icing on the back of roses then sticking it to the sides or top of cake should hold it. Last, you could use a round tip...
Long ago, royal icing butterfly were piped onto wax paper and slide into a opened book in a "V" position to dry. Usually the book was braced opened with shortening cans or towels. Once dried (12 to 24hr period), slowly removed the wax paper and viola butterfly. This can be done with gum-paste or gum-paste/ fondant combination. I have done this and it does work rather well. Best wishes.
Thanks naemsmommy for sharing your purse cake photo with the zipper you made from a gum-paste mold. I tried making a zipper for my cake purse. However, I ended up using a frosting comb thingy to make my zipper. Here is the purse I made: to you I have a new way of making molds for items that I probably will make once or twice. Your purse is so pretty. Again, thanks and Best Wishes.
Hello princesscakes30, corn syrup does not work like glycerine to help add moisture back to dry fondant or gum-paste, I had tried that too. When adding the glycerine, which Wilton sells in a little bottle, just add small drops at a time to get your fondant or gum-paste to a workable medium. This works well with kneading in some shortening too, experiment and find what works best you. Hope this Helps. I use this all the time especially with making gum paste flowers or...
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