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Just used a chocolate mold 2 wks ago with fondant. I used a homemade dusting bag with 1/2 cornstarch and 1/2 powder sugar. Dust the mold with this. Make sure your fondant isn't sticky. I usually knead a little of gumtex in my fondant when making flowers or molding. I made baby rattles for a baby shower cake. HTH.Hammy
Darn, I thought it was just me having problems. I keep having problems with my profile. Just updated it in May to yes for comments and everthing else, only to find it was changed back to no again. Hammy
I don't know if this will help, but don't let this set you back. Go in, check out the joint. Most places like this usually mass produce their stuff. Look at what they offer, look at what you offer or specialize in. When putting out or promoting your product really emphasize what you specialize in, be the best at it that you can be. Keep your price where are. I know you have a great product! People know a good product and will pay for it. Hammy
WOW and WOW again! Thanks for the you-tube experience.Hammy
Possibly for the top tier you may want to use Coast or SPS tier systems to put the cake on. I've tried something slightly similar. I 've used the coast systems. Order the legs the height of the cake for the 4th tier. The 4th cake, lets say is 4", use 4" legs. Next, add a plate that is 2" smaller than the fourth tier. Push the assembled legs and plate in the 4th tier. Place the item to hold the the top cake on the plate, then add the top tier. No cutting of straws or those...
Hello There!Today I delivered a Baby shower cake. It was to sit on top of the Hidden Pillars, with cupcakes underneath. One of the legs cracked at the top where it was attached with hot glue. Had to revamp how the cake was to be set up. The second set of Hidden Pillars worked. I don't remember these pillars being so thin, they remind me of straws. These things use to be thicker or is just me? Won't use them again, I will use Coast or SPS, both are great products. Has...
Hello There!Thanks to every one and again thanks to Jammjenks for helping me. Thats what CC is all about. Got to go, working on a cake. Happy Caking!Be BlessedHammy
Hello there!This was on the forum May 28, 2009. I had the same problems. Thanks to Jammjenks, she posted this website: Shrink the picture to 80 pixels. Copy to your computer to your photo program. Title is Avatar. Go back to your profile to the bottom to avatar. click browse button, go to pictures, click on the title "Avatar" or what ever title you gave the tiny picture, it is real small. Looks like a pin point. Then click submit. I...
Ok, I went on the website for Missy and Hell, I did not know that CoCo was a vaginaROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Angel_Cake for the website. To go on that website and be able to relate, you have to be on some substance, what I don't Know! Hammy
Does any one know the website for Ms. Stevie? I would like to see what her other cakes look like. I would find it hard as a customer to pay her for her interpretation of a cake I'm paying her for, let alone her cooking habits! LOLHammy
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