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I've used the Coast system for a Castle wedding cake, but the frosting was BC. I love the Coast plates and dowels. Just did a cake in MMF, had topush in pretzel rods for palm trees. I did this while the fondant was soft. I had no problems. Maybe there is some CCers who do this on set MMF.HTHHammy
I have a Canon ip3500. I have used it with no problems so far. It is time to get more ink. I had to remove the chip from the original ink cartridges and use double sided tape to hold the chip on. So far everything has worked. I have not ran the printer every week. You may want to visit this website for info on the Canon printer. This is the website that helped me to decide which beginner level printer to use. Could not afford the Big Boy Systems! So far...
Does anyone know if Carrie Vincent or if any of the usual judges for Cake Challenges can compete in a Cake Challenge? I would like to see that.Hamsquad
Try rice krispy treats with candy melts. HTHHammy
Thats it Mike, I have a set, bought from Home Depot. Love them. Have also bought a diamond pattern paint can holder too. Oh Yeah!Hammy
Just bought the blue one two weeks ago, used last night, I cut fondant on it and covered a cake. Love it!Hammy
Ditto, I love to work in MMF. I have made flowers and mold figures with MMF. I typically keep it wrapped in plastic outside the refrigerator until I'm ready to use it. It keeps for months. Best wishes in using MMF in your next project.HTH.Hammy
I often wonder if I could use this type of airbrush at hobby lobby. Thank you so much for the info. I have been wanting an airbrush system for years!Hammy
I'm having the same problem. I have renamed my pictures to get them to down load, it still did not work. I thought it was because I had other pictures of cakes grouped together, which prevented downloading. Hammy
Just used a chocolate mold 2 wks ago with fondant. I used a homemade dusting bag with 1/2 cornstarch and 1/2 powder sugar. Dust the mold with this. Make sure your fondant isn't sticky. I usually knead a little of gumtex in my fondant when making flowers or molding. I made baby rattles for a baby shower cake. HTH.Hammy
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