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I use to make cakes like these, feel free to look at my pictures. Every now and then I get to mix the old style with the new. I just love making these types of wedding cakes. WOW memories! Oh, yeah I read in an wedding article just the other week, these cakes are making a come back, be patient, practice your piping technique and be ready. Best Wishes!
It sort of look like orange gumpaste briar roses or some sort of fantasy flowers with stamens.
I normally put gumpaste flowers on buttercream frosted cakes with no problems so far. I have even made a sheet cake and layed the gumpaste calla lilies on top, with no problem. I typically make my flowers on wooden skewers or tooth picks. I have made them on wires and just put the part in coffee stirers or straws (with RI in them) into the cake, still never had a problem. Matter of fact, once the cakes were complete they go into a really cold refrig until I take it to a...
I posted this information a little while ago when I was researching the very same thing, I hope this helps some one: This evening I was researching how to make a silicone texture mat or rolling pin and I came across this website: Making a : or Making a: I was wondering if anyone...
Wilton also makes a glycerine. You may want to test the glycerine in a small amount of your already made fondant tosee if it repairs it. Best wishes!
Yes it can be done, I've put chocolate BC frosting tinted black over white BC frosting on the cake. To possibly achieve this unusual request. Either dirty ice or thinly ice cake with chocolate frosting chill, then cover with pink frosting, make sure it is a nice coating. Chill again after smoothing. With this on, I would smooth with the Melvira Method using a high density sponge roller instead of any scrappers, may lead into the chocolate bleeding thru. I HTH
Look at the website cake also. HTH
Check out Designer Stencils - culinary. The patterns are stencils I'm sure for one.
Just a suggestion: a white frosted BC or fondant covered cake with white roses and like someone suggested simple borders. HTH
It sounds like your icing may be a bit soft from the butter. You may want to practice with shortening and powder sugar practice recipe. I'm sure there is a recipe listed here on CC. After practicing your technique of piping go back to using your regular recipe with the butter. If it doesn't give enough definition h while piping, try popping it in the frig for 15 minutes to stiffen a little. I hope this helps.
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