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I hope everyone had a Great Thanksgiving Day. I'm so grateful for all of the info I've read on CC, too many resources to name them all. So to everyone thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!
Made this castle in 1999, trust me no Wilton castle set, just round pans and cleaned concentrated juice cans. I did use Wilton decorations LOL!
I've stenciled with black BC frosting before with no bleeding. Did not use the wet spatula method, I just thinned down the BC frosting so that it was easy to smooth on the BC cake I made. I found it easy to either use can chocolate frosting died black or buying premade black frosting and thinning it down with a little water or milk. I hope this help. I've stenciled in red, blue and white. I stencil on chilled cakes, never room temp.
I discovered a while back that some family members were eating gumpaste flowers on the wedding cake I made for my God-Daughter (Castle Cake), in that particular instance, those flowers were commercially made, they could not had a flavor to them. Since then, I've tried Wilton gumpaste that you add water to, didn't like it. This year I started making my gumpaste from scratch with lemon juice just in case family and friends would eat the decorations, believe me they do. I...
I use my old Wilton cookie press that looks like a caulking gun to extrude fondant ropes when the size of my discs for my clay extruder isn't correct. To get the fondant or gumpaste or 50/50 mix of fondant/gum paste, I just knead in shortening into the pieces I'm working with. It kind of feels slippery after kneading in. Then I just put it in the cookie press and have at it. Most of the time the cookie press work a whole lot easier than my clay extruder that is solely used...
I've made a tulip looking at a tutorial on Youtube. Did not use a tulip petal cutter. I used an oval or large round shape cutter I bought from a craft store. HTH.
Just tried the Wilton gum paste flower cutters and ejectors last week. It worked great, not so stressful. I've tried other methods. Since this cake was done at the last moment, Wilton was great! HTH
Hello! What color are the lights in the fountain? What color did you use for the water? If the light in the bottom of the fountain isn't a clear color, it may just give off colored water in the bottom fountain. Some fountains I've used had pink or yellow lights. I've used no name brand fountains that just had white or clear lights with no problems. Not sure about changing the lights in the color flo fountain, would suggest using a slightly lighter blue than the navy, maybe...
I tried red string candy that the stings pulled apart. I had the same problem, in the end I was blessed to try smashing the ends together and they stuck. I also used pretzel rods covered in chocolate clay with gumpaste loops to hold the ropes. Feel free to look at my picture. I hope this helps also.
Congratulations Edna and Paul on your win on Food Network Alien Cake Challenge. I missed the first airing here because of company, so I stayed up to 2am this morning to watch it, I'm usually up at that time anyway. Edna, you are simply the Best!
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