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Thanks naemsmommy for sharing your purse cake photo with the zipper you made from a gum-paste mold. I tried making a zipper for my cake purse. However, I ended up using a frosting comb thingy to make my zipper. Here is the purse I made: to you I have a new way of making molds for items that I probably will make once or twice. Your purse is so pretty. Again, thanks and Best Wishes.
Hello princesscakes30, corn syrup does not work like glycerine to help add moisture back to dry fondant or gum-paste, I had tried that too. When adding the glycerine, which Wilton sells in a little bottle, just add small drops at a time to get your fondant or gum-paste to a workable medium. This works well with kneading in some shortening too, experiment and find what works best you. Hope this Helps. I use this all the time especially with making gum paste flowers or...
Last year my sister's boss asked her to make 300 cupcakes for her son's wedding reception. The cupcake towers she used were cardboard also. The one thing she didn't do is stack the cupcake cardboard stands on top of each other. The venue had the table set up for the cupcakes and she asked for shaped mirrors to display the cupcakes on. I have a picture of the display:, the stands seemed sturdy...
Try kneading into your fondant some glycerine, read that tip here on CC. I use it all the time when gum-paste or my fondant starts to get dry and cracking. Hope this Helps!
Check out the Wilton Fantasy Flower. These may be made with a 5 petal cutter, ruffled and thinned edges with a ball tool, then stacked with tissue between the petals to dry. HTH and Best Wishes!
Thank you so very much for the recipe! I will try the recipe out this weekend.
Hello DZH115, I have been searching for a recipe for a meringue frosting using meringue powder. I'm allergic to egg yolks and have a fear of egg whites for frosting. Would you mind sharing your recipe? I've have read and heard a lot of wonderful comments about how wonderful the swiss or italian meringue buttercream tastes. I really want to try this frosting. TIA
Have you look at the websites for edible images or tasty f o t o A r t?
Recently I have been experimenting with making cake pop rosebuds. For the stems, I used florist tape on lollipop sticks at first, then I had some left over stems that were on some silk roses I used for a wedding bouquet. I found I was able to slide the lollipop down in the hollow stems. Basically, you may just want to make your stems from gum-paste by brushing the lollipop stick with piping gel or gum-paste glue, then just roll the lollipop stick in green tinted gum-paste....
Hi! Are you talking about separating your cakes like this?'ve only separated cakes with champagne glasses. I guess the process would be the same depending how you would want them placed between two cake tier plates. HTH
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