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There's a big difference between Cake Cricut and a Silhouette. I think Cake Cricut is easy, but then again, once you have a Silhouette and know how to use the program, you don't have to buy any cartridges to do things.   A class at Craftsy would be a great idea, but I'm not holding my breath because not everyone can afford a Silhouette. I've found classes that seem reputable at Kerri Bradford Studio blog (haven't bought any yet). I do think it's best to start cutting...
I thought I would answer in case Bonniekaye doesn't come back. You're right, the cameo can cut only.   She did say this: You need a printer to print the design.   ​What she meant to say was probably that with the cameo, you can create/copy/bring your design to the computer, from where you can print it (using an edible ink printer) and then use that same graphic to get it cut.    
Most buttercreams have the same proportions of ingredients. About the color, I don't think you can avoid it that it colors your mouth. What kind of colors do you use? Liquid colors will make it separate. You're better off using gel colors, or powdered colors.    I haven't done it with the dump method (all the ingredients in the bowl all at once and then beat), so I'm not sure if beating it this other way will help you. Check out the comments, there are problems and...
You could use freeze-dried fruits.
In Australia and NZ people rely heavily on stake/center pole, and dowels only as auxiliary support. Of course their cakes are usually mud cakes and very heavy. Some people hot glue the pole, others have a whole system going on with a screw in the center. Most of the time, this goes on for any cake two tiers and up.
Martha Stewart had once a house made out of cake. The roof was just a square cake cut in triangles. Not sure if you can use that idea or not, depending on how big your house is going to be. It's an old magazine. I found a mention and a scan in this thread. You could make it more square.
howsweet...she's not the granddaughter, she's the daughter-in-law. It's her mother-in-law they're talking about.
Actually here it is.
In this thread I put a link to icing plug instructions. It might be easier that way.
Here they also have bags.
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