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I would like to start offering a very limited selection of wedding cakes for $199 (as others were discussing on another thread). I need to come up with a good catch phrase or name to call this option. I'm thinking about something along the lines of "Design on a Dime" or something that pertains to being low budget friendly, but put nicely. Of course, I can't call it Design on a Dime since there's a TV show named that, but you get my drift! I'm at a loss right now with words...
No, I didn't sand it after. I used one of those small foam painter rollers (after I let it dry for about 10 minutes) to get it smooth. Worked out well.Since they are so lightweight, it's kind of tough to get them to hold still while you decorate them. I used rolled packaging tape to hold them to my turntable, but that didn't work the best. I'd be curious what others use too. I was tempted to hot glue the sucker down, but restrained myself
I use a light-weight wall spackle that I bought at Menards and apply it right over the styrofoam. It's super inexpensive and works great. The consistancy and application is very similar to buttercream. You can even pipe it by thinning it slightly with water.
I sent out press releases announcing my new cake business to several local newspapers yesterday. This morning I was contacted by one of them for an interview and photos. We set it up for next Monday (May 4th). Has anyone done one of these yet? I'd be open to any suggestions or ideas you'd have. I've never done one and I'm kind of nervous! I don't really know what to expect!Thanks!
I just called them at the number listed under Contact Us. They directed me to the right person that way. I think the gentleman's name that I talked to was Dave. He was very nice. If you talk to him, tell him that Angie at Rivertown Cakes in Hastings referred you.
Thanks for everyones help, but I found the individual cupcake containers that I just love yesterday while searching online. The place that I last ordered them from discontinued them, but I found a new local place (Minnesota) that I think might manufacture them and they're less than half of what I was paying before!! Yeah!! The only kicker is that you have to order them in cases of 300. Not a problem for me, but might be for some. Here is what they are if anyone's...
Does anyone know where I can purchase these or something similar, preferably online? I'm looking for inexpensive individual cupcake containers like this for a vendor booth that I'm going to do.Thanks,Angie
I've thought about packaging and haven't come up with a good solution yet. The boxes would definitely be easier to stack in coolers, etc. However, my husband doesn't like those because he thinks it's too hard to get the cupcake out of something like that without getting frosting all over your hand. Plastic Container City had some nice one-pieced hinged plastic single cupcake containers, which were quite a bit more, but he really liked those. However, I just looked...
Jammjenks-If you don't mind me asking, what type of a booth structure did you have? We are thinking of possibly getting a covered tent and just having 3 tables set up in a U shape, but we haven't purchase anything yet. We own several 6' rectangular folding tables, so we'd just have the expense of the tent. We are open to other ideas though.
Thanks IndyDebi, those are some great points to consider. I left a message earlier today for the coordinator to give me a call back. Now I'll be armed with questions to ask him when he does call. I'm open to all ideas and suggestions, so please keep them coming!I was thinking of just offering 3 different kinds of cupcakes, 2 of my best sellers and the 3rd one a strawberry flavor of some sort.Angie
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