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No one touches the cupcakes before the bride and groom.  Some still do the traditional cutting of a cupcake.  They still do the photo op.  The cupcakes are as much a centerpiece as a wedding cake would be.  Guests like to ooh and aah. Insist on setting up and expect all guest to act appropriately.
I'm picturing sweet rolls made with yeast and half flour/half cake mix.  They would be great for pulled pork, sausage patties, and anything that might have a sweet and sour thing going on.  They tend to go well with barbecue and smoked items. Perfect for summer.
It could be as simple as letting the cake settle before covering with fondant.  Those bulges around the cake are a tell tale sign of no settling.    Either let your cake rest after you fill it, or give it a good press to force the layers together and hasten any settling.  Trim any bulges then.  It should help with a cleaner appearance.
Yes, they are that hard to do.
I have to ask the question before I go any further.   Is the photo on your website yours or is it taken form somewhere else? I'm assuming it is your work since it is on your website in your gallery?   That would certainly sway my opinion and willingness to help.
There are a lot of pies that basically make a refrigerator jam as they cool with a combination of pectin and natural sugars and cornstarch.  You should google open fresh berry pie.  There are many great recipes. 
A couple of things:   That looks like way too much liquid.  Those proportions are off.   Also, the problem with recipes that call for a box mix is just that.  Almost all box mixes have changed by ten percent or more in the past few years.  You probably need to add a half cup or more of flour just to come out even.   Lastly,  when you are adding that many ingredients, the box isn't helping you much.  Replace that mix with some flour, sugar, and leavening and you'll...
I like your work.  A couple of things to look into:   First, look into how to settle a cake so you don't get bulges.  Some use weights, extra thick frosting dams, time, or a combination of these.  It will greatly improve the appearance of the sides.   Second, study up on internal supports.  Some use wooden dowels, bubble tea straws, or mechanical plate and support systems.  There is not one answer.  Stronger cakes can handle different supports.  The benefit of a...
Hand piped.  Planned out ahead of time, maybe drawn on first.  Then stacked. All accents and borders added after.
This is an old thread.  However, A slice of cake is based on the cake being 4 inches tall.  Then, cut a piece 1 inch wide and 2 inches long.  That is standard.   For a 2inch tall cake, you would cut a 2X2 slice to get the same volume of cake.   There are many discussions on this.  Wilton has a chart on their website that is pretty clear about the size of slices and how to cut a cake.
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