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Really, what Annie said.  Cut out your cookies and sprinkle on whatever: sugar, colored sugar, sprinkles or jimmies.  It all attaches in the oven as it  bakes on top.  Don't over think this one.  They want it to be easy for you  and them.
Try Russian Tea Cakes. It is both a Rhode Island and New Orleans thing.  Take old slices of cake, frosting included.  Slather on some jam.  Press it into a pan, cover it, and put a weight on it for 12-24 hours.  When done, frost the top, cut and serve.  The consistency will be closer to fruitcake.  The flavor will be pot luck.  Very good.
Looks normal to me.  All of those hole have raisins or fruit in them.  They probably  just shrink a little after the cake cools and appear to leave holes.  Very normal fruitcake.
Do a search for freeze-dried strawberries in the cake recipe.  I made one about six months ago and it was great.  It adds a lot of strawberry flavor but eliminates the liquid and sugar issues you get from fresh, frozen, and the ones in syrup. 
Vanilla paste, powder and sugar can all be used in Swiss.  I don't know if you'll get as much from the bean in the eggwhites, but you could try one.  The other meringue buttercreams easily allow for the bean to be steeped.  You might want to try one to see if you like it.
They're cute.  You have a lot of promise.   But....they're not what I would have expected for sale.   Honestly,  the Minecraft one is not up to par for what is out there.    Here for honest critique?   You are almost there on the basics.  Frosting could be smoother.  Fondant work on the zebra cake could be neater. The cake should be level with straight sides.  The bow should be neater.  the piping on the bottom should not have points on each ball.  Fix it or learn...
If you make italian or french buttercream, you can simmer vanilla beans in the sugar syrup before you make the frosting.It will impart a nice vanilla flavor.   Also, use the vanilla beans from simmering, dry them out and put them in sugar to flavor the granulated sugar.  you can use this sugar to make your buttercreams.   They also make vanilla powder.   It is a common misconception that the alcohol burns off.  It does, but at a radically slower rate than people...
Why don't you add some lemon extract and some lemon zest to your buttercream and use that as you filling?
Honestly, i don't charge any extra for cornelli lace.  It covers a multitude of sins and is really easy.  I can cover a cake in five minutes.  The whole thing would be done in under an hour with ten minute breaks in between layers.   This could easily be an "added value" item for the event.    I would suggest you practice on a round to see how long it will really take you.
make 7 minute icing or boiled icing.  There is no fat and it is great for kids.
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