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I think I read somewhere that if you put just a small bit of corn syrup it makes the Royal Icing easier to use. Does anyone know if this works.Thanks!Melissa
Yes, I can tell what they did now. They did put flowers to cover the seams. I tried everything and I am pressed for time as the cake is due tomorrow. I finally did something else and it's fine. I really wasn't planning on using my machine because of the time factor but you know how that goes! ))Thank you all for your help.Melissa
I am trying to cut the one pictured omn the Cake Basics box, about 1 1/2 high. I am using the 12 x 12 mat.
Man-- I am so tired from working on this cake. Could anyone tell me how to make a continuous border on the Cricut? I just can't seem to get it.Thanks!Melissa
Thanks for your reply. I'll use that. Wish me luck.Melissa
I just found a thread about what is considered food safe. There are a lot of opinions on this one. I have watched Sharon's DVD on the Topsy Turvy cakes and that's why I'm asking. She just mentions to use something food safe so I wasn't sure.Thanks.Melissa
What do you put between the foamcore and the cake to make it food safe?Melissa
Sharon- I just wanted to chime in and say that it's awesome that you were trying to help and figure out what went on. Great customer service.I also wanted to ask, if I may if I have a question about one of your DVD's, what is the best way to do so?Thanks!Melissa
I am planning on making a topsy turvey cake and have watched Sharon's DVD. Did a small practice one and it was fine, used chocolate. My question is this. The girl that I'm doing the cake for wants:14" chocolate10" white6" chocolateDoes this seem ok to work with? I thought that you needed a really dense cake, but she does not want sponge cake at all. Like I said, the chocolate worked fine for my practice cake but it was much smaller. Just a little concerned.Any...
Thanks for your reply. I have Sharon's Topsy Turvy DVD and she uses straws, but man, that still makes me a bit nervous. I am traveling a short trip to deliver this cake and like all of us, don't want a disaster.Since I've always used SPS, I just wondered.Thanks again-Melissa
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