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Oh- just one more question. Will the fondant on the dummie cake look fresh or will it tend to look dried out? The wedding is June 24th and I would just love to get this dummie done now.Melissa
Thanks. Also-- how in in advance can I do this? Just wanted the real cake and the dummie to match.Melissa
I want to do two square cakes, 14" and 12". If I do the 14" in a dummie, will it match the 12" real cake? Maybe this is a strange question, but I'm just wondering if you could tell the difference. Also what is the best way to adhere fondant to the dummie?Melissa
I'm sure opinions will differ on this question. I'm planning my daughter's wedding in June and am wondering if most people prefer a buttercream type frosting or fondant on their cupcakes. I've always just done some kind of buttercream.Seems like you could do more decorating to match the wedding colors on fondant.Opinions?Melissa
What kind of contaner would you recommend?Thanks!
I've been practing a bit too. Had pretty good results so far. I'm going to be makimg about 100 clear hearts for my daughter's wedding this June. Could someone suggest the best way to store these and could I do them now? Thanks for the great tips.Melissa
Thank you so much for the info. Anxious to try it. Oh-- one more question. How far in advance can you make decorations?Melissa
I figured the answer would be to use isomalt. I haven't worked with it but have some to pratice. Seems like I have read that it is not edible, it that true? I would hate to put it on 120 cupcakes and have to tell people they couldn't eat them.Thanks again.Melissa
I am wondering how I would make clear sugar hearts for decorations on wedding cupcakes. Not quite sure about this one.Any ideas?Thanks!Melissa
Thank you all- I just love this place, always someone to help out. I'll check out all the ideas!Melissa
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