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Thanks everyone for your help. I love the side by side heart!I've never made my own-- but I think I might give it a try.Melissa
I think I saw it on
I had thought about that. There aren't many pictures of these cookies. I use rolled buttercream and I want them to be fairly easy.Melissa
Hi-Any suggestions where I might find a tuxedo cookie cutter? I have found one but it is just so big. Looking for something a little smaller.Thanks!Melissa
Looking for the textured fondant rolling pins-- anyone have a good source?Thanks
Maybe someone can help. Where is the best place to get these? Basically I want these for the rolled buttercream for my cookies.Thanks!Melissa
I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of your feedback. I'll stop by there today and ask to talk to the instructor. I didn't realize that it depended on the teacher. I can understand that they want you to understand the basics.Thanks again.Melissa
ok- thanks. She was pretty insistant that everyone had to have Course 1 first and very nasty at that! I feel that I would be ok, been doing cakes and cookies for a long time, just wanted some more experience - no biggie.Thanks again.
I recently asked my Michael's about their fondant and gumpaste class and was told that you had to take the basic cake decorating class first.Have any of you heard of this before? I called another store today and was put on hold forever so I just hung up.Thanks!Melissa
Can anyone suggest a good flavoring for fondant and how much I would use.. approx.Thanks!Melissa
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