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I've been wanting to learn how to do these but wanted to know the best cutter to use. Doing a wedding cake soon and she wanted two pretty large flowers, one on each tier.Thanks-Melissa
I'm going to be working on some cake pops in the future. How would I get a Tiffany Blue color?Thanks!Melissa
I haven't had luck with the Wilton brand, they separated. Yesterday I boght the CK product matter/silver liners and hope they work!Let me know what happens!!!Melissa
Hello everyone-Just met with a gal about doing her wedding cake. I am looking where to purchase the diamond banding for her cake. Any suggestions online?Thanks..Melissa
Wondered if anyone has had problems melting The Wilton Halloween color candy meals. The black, spooky green and the Orange. They just don't seem to melt right.ThanksMelissa
Thanks everyone. Wanted to make a small cake for my Granddaughter. She's getting braces soon and thought it would be fun!Melissa
Wondering how to get a shiny, silver color on fondant or gumpaste.Thanks!Melissa
I did cupcake for,my daughters wedding in June. Took a lot of planning! Flowers went on the cupcake by my hobby at the venue. Photo in my pics.Melissa
Great ideas. That's why I love this place!Melissa
Good idea. Thanks!Melissa
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