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Thank you for the suggestions! I WOULD attempt to paint the flowers but the lady who is ordering the cake is a amazing painter and I would never be able to do the flowers justice, lol! ☺️ I think I will go with the brushed embordiery since I never had luck with edible images. Wish me luck!
Β  I need to make a teapot similar to this picture. I am debating on how I am going to do the flowers and was hoping to get some suggestions on how YOU would go about making this cake.πŸ˜ƒ Painting the flowers is out because I am a horrible painter, lol (though some parts of the design looks fairly easy to paint). Any ideas on how to attempt the flowers would be greatly appreciated! πŸ‘
Here is another pic, I don't think the other one worked.
I am trying to figure out which color gels I should mix together to achieve this color for a yeast donut. Has anyone made a yeast donut before or have any good guesses? Thanks!
Thanks again! I will incorporate some toys and sunflowers, it looks like those might be his favorite flower.πŸ˜ƒ
Thanks, I did google him and found his picture but what I was really hoping for was somebody who actually watches the show to chime in. I already made a fondant bunny to sit on top of the cake and also a white picket fence to go around one of the tiers. Other than that, I'm just trying to add details to this cake but since I have never heard of him, it's hard to know what to include.
Thanks, I did google him and saw the videos. I watched a couple of them but didnt get much from them other than he likes carrots, lol! I was hoping someone who has see many of his videos could give me some more ideas, like whether he has a sidekick or favorite toy, etc?
Has anyone heard of Harry the bunny? I am having a hard time coming up with a design for a cake I am working on. I googled him but only came up with a handful of cakes. Not too much to go on. Does anyone know who he is and can give me some ideas on what I can incorporate onto the cake, other than carrots! Thanks:)
Thanks for the reply! I ended up using a 3 inch round cookie cutter, these little suckers are taking forever, lol!
I am making mini nail polish cakes but was hoping i could get some suggestions on the best way to make them? Baking up sheetcakes and cutting and sracking is not my favorite thing to do, lol! Hopefully there is a simpler way. Any help would be appreciated..thanks!
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