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Thanks for the reply! I ended up using a 3 inch round cookie cutter, these little suckers are taking forever, lol!
I am making mini nail polish cakes but was hoping i could get some suggestions on the best way to make them? Baking up sheetcakes and cutting and sracking is not my favorite thing to do, lol! Hopefully there is a simpler way. Any help would be appreciated..thanks!
Thank you so much for all the suggestions! I added brown to the pink and it was perfect!
I am trying to make fondant brains like the one in the pic but my fondant keeps turning lilac! I am using deep pink with a touch of black (Americolors). I am hoping someone here as done this before or has a better idea on how to achieve this color, thanks!  
Thanks everyone for the help with the was a huge hit! I posted a pic in the quince section.
Thank you for all the suggestions and wealthy information! So many good ideas. I think the main reason my customer didn't want anything added to the cake was because she wanted to keep the cost down. At this point, the stairs are driving me crazy so I may not have time to add anything to the cake after all. We'll see, wish me luck..I need it!
Here is a picture of an Aztec pyramid, the cake will hopefully look similar. I am just starting to put the cake together so no pic yet. Since it is for a girls birthday, I was hoping to add a feminine touch. Thanks!
Well in my defense, the cake was the clients idea, lol! I am making an Aztec pyramid for a girls birthday and its really not what I am used to making. I enjoy making fun, frilly, pretty cakes...but this one is so drab and cold-looking. I wanted to add something to it but not sure what? Maybe flowers? I can't add anything that is not easily removable just in case the client doesn't like it however, I just feel this cake needs something to perk it up. Any suggestions...
You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for the help. I am just happy I don't have to make more cake, lol! The cake is a pyramid, that is why I need a lot of short tiers. Hopefully it won't be too difficult to make.
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