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Hi - I'm curious as to what others charge to rent cake pedestals for weddings. A bride needs 13 individual cakes for center pieces on the tables and I am providing the white 8" glass cake pedestals. They retail for about $30 each, so I was wondering what would be a fair price to charge the bride for these?Thanks for your input!!
Wow - mine is only about 280 sq. feet - 12x24. I am in the process of finishing right now, up for inspection on MONDAY!!!! I haven't figured out quite how to do all of the storage and tables....would also love to hear suggestions from other people on how they organized everything. I will be posting pictures soon....
I have been online searching so many sites and downloading so many templates....hoping someone could help me out in what brand or which template they use. I am looking to make custom business labels and labels that list what product I'm selling and such for cookie boxes and bags of caramel popcorn...etc.. Is Avery the way to go?? Or is there a company out there I haven't heard of that sells round labels and offers a template so I can custom print different ones at...
Now I'm intrigued....Mikel79 - didn't the paper towel stick to the wet cake? I also use Sharon's buttercream and always do her method - but if the cake was ever slightly wet it would stick.Thanks for the tips!! can "seal" them with Glad saran wrap Press and Seal. Works great, you seal it and just cut off the extra.
I made an ice cream cake for a wedding last year and it turned out great! Got wonderful reviews from many people at the wedding. I layered chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream, chocolate ganache and crushed Oreos - layered it in a sheet pan lined with saran wrap. Put it back in the freezer to set up and pulled it out and sliced it. It was wonderful!!
@Pearl645 - I use foam core board between each layer and sharpen each dowel rod with a pencil sharpener before I start and pound in gently with a hammer. Everything I learned about this method is from Sharon Zambito at Sugar Shack! Her dvd Successful Stacking is well worth getting!
I also use Americolor ivory - but once found myself without and had to use a touch of brown, which comes out "peachy" and you have to add a touch of yellow to bring it back to ivory.
I've always used bubble tea straws - and they work great! I have used them in a 5 tier cake with no problems at all. I do put a couple of long wooden dowels through the whole cake, but use the straws for the support of each individual cake. I always buy mine on ebay - great deal on there, just search "bubble tea straws".
I am also going through this process right now - and had no idea where to start. My room is finished and I am just waiting on the plumbing to be finished and I have to order some stainless steel tables yet. I will be posting pics. soon and I'll let you know on this thread when I do. I was going to take a room in my house upstairs and convert it - but after thinking it through (and promising my husband to build a new garage in the near future) I converted half of...
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