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Hi Corners, Sorry, I realized after I wrote that it sounded strange. I guess I really meant identifying markings as sometimes these wrappers are from China or another international country and someone may recognize something that others don't.
Has anyone used chocolate transfers when making chocolate coated oreos? When using an oreo cookie mould I read it was easy to use a 2" circle cutter (like for scrap booking). I purchased a Sullivans brand and it won't cut through the plastic backing of the transfer. Does anyone know of a brand that does please?
Hi there, Is there no branding on the packets you already have?
Can anyone tell me if something this metallic looking is actually edible and safe? Understandably the maker doesn't give away her recipe but I've never seen anything this shiny?
Clever suggestions - thanks so much!
My apologies to whoever made this gorgeous cookie, I havn't found its creator. Does anyone have any idea how to create the textured look? I'm wanting to create the effect on fur royal icing.
Hi itsjessica I've seen the candy canes in bottles of Wilton cake decorations, they were red and white mixed.
Thank you so much for putting me on to these. I just browsed their catalogue, isn't the detail incredible?
Oh wow Jackie, they are gorgeous! It's started me on a whole other train of thought. I've never seen them before but will google away. Thank you so much.
Oh thank you everyone for your wonderful replies! This forum is just terrific!  
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